Can you find the ONE actor who did not play Superman?

It takes the mind of Lex Luthor to pick him in one guess.


It's a man… It's an actor… It's Superman! For 80 years, the Man of Steel has been entertaining and inspiring us on the radio, on the big screen, on television, and on stage.

That's right, Clark Kent (spoiler alert: Clark Kent is Superman!) has appeared in just about every medium, including animation and Broadway.

That means that all sorts of different fellows have played the superhero. Look over the following dozen men. See if you can pick out the one guy who was NOT Superman.

It takes a mind like Lex Luthor to nail it in one guess!

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  1. Pick the ONE actor who did not play Superman or Clark Kent.

Can you find the ONE actor who did not play Superman?

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Sachelle 28 months ago
Even though I have no idea who most of these people are, I picked Tim Daly on the first try. I can't picture him in that role.
Jimo 39 months ago
Took me 4 times as well!
FLCommish 44 months ago
Got it on fourth pick
DIGGER1 FLCommish 43 months ago
Can you find the ONE actor who did not play Superman?
You picked Batman!
Lewis G. Wilson played Batman in the 1943 film series The Batman. Here he is as Bruce Wayne!
It took me four tries as well.
rodee 44 months ago
Got it in one.

An extremely wild guess
geatornez82 44 months ago
It took me about five times. I didn't even recognize Dean Cain in that particular photo (then again, I only watched one episode of that particular Superman incarnation). My favorite Superman is a toss up between George Reeves (love the show) and Christopher Reeve (never seen the movies, but for some reason, I think he just looks the most like Superman).
BrianMcKernan 44 months ago
Glad you included 1966 Broadway Superman BOB HOLIDAY, star of the Hal Prince musical "It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superman!"
(I don't recognize the guy on his left with the hat.)
John 44 months ago
Nailed it!

I recognized Collyer, Alyn, Reeves, Reeve, Daly, Welling, Cain and Routh and had a pretty good idea that the guy with the mustache and glasses was either Danny Dark or George Newbern. That narrowed it down to three, so I picked the one who looked like he was from the 1940's.
djw1120 John 44 months ago
In other words, you took a wild guess!
AllisonWunderland 44 months ago
Got it on the 4th try...I thought it was kinda strange it didn't say "correct answer" or something letting you know you got it right 🤔😜
Me too. I couldn't figure out which ones could bend a bar of steel or effected by kryptonite . Come play my movie game if you wish. Last week winners were MrsPhilHarris and stephaniestavropoulos. There are clues. Then when over I give you the movie to watch.
LOL...what movie game?
haha. Last week I gave clues to a movie game. Only 3 people played. It was fun though. Plus I put the web site for the movie. Was 49th Parallel. Now I have like 5 people playing. I am at the one story MeTV site and was trying to solve a mystery of this Little Old Lady in A Hat (on Perry Mason). In the mean time I put up a new guess a movie quiz for those whom want to play. There is all the clues so for and only started it last night. You can guess anytime. There is no penalty for guessing ha ha. If you get the answer you get a internet pat on the back plus the movie to watch. Now wake up AWL...jeez .
This is the start of the quiz but there are people guessing and more clues. You have to find em.

Since this is quite a mystery and someday we can all find out whom the Little Old Lady in a Hat was. Now it is time for.........................a new mission.

“Your mission, MeTV Posters, should you decide to accept it, is… As usual, should you or any member of MGF (MeTV Group Force) fail, misunderstand and come up with wrong answers I will disavow any responsibly for said answers . This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, MGF.”
You will be given clues as to said players involved in direction, production and acting to formulate with-in a reasonable doubt of a final solution to a puzzle.
You are looking for a movie. A very good one. Of the 3 main actors one still lives. A classic movie no doubt. All 3 have played in many a blockbuster and TV series.
I will post this movie after someone guesses it.
First clue "Who am I"
The movie is after 1949 but before 1970.
One of these actors played on Twilight Zone (good luck with that since there are 156)
One was in a long running TV Series----more clues tomorrow for those whom wish to participate
Well??? 🤷‍♀️ I have to play catch-up coz I've been really busy the past week...let me check it out 😉
Get on your horse and catch up . All the clues are over on the Who is the little old lady with the hat sitting in dozens of Perry Mason trials page. Or you click on me and get them there. I am full of clues . You can always play when you wish.
bpickering 44 months ago
Got first pick
BrianPickering 44 months ago
This comment has been removed.
David 44 months ago
More clarification that choosing a voice actor would constitute a wrong selection would have made this a much less LAME ' quiz '!
Tlor 44 months ago
so if you picked the guy who played Batman you got it right?
MaryAnn Tlor 44 months ago
Thank you, Tlor! I was wondering the same thing. I felt the need to pick the rest of the choices on the outside chance that one of them actually said, “You chose the correct answer!” But as all of them mentioned Superman, I finally rested easy in the knowledge that the Batman choice was correct. Glad I wasn’t the only one who was thrown off by that.
AllisonWunderland MaryAnn 44 months ago
Yeah, that one had me bumfuzzled too 🙃
MarthaWashington 44 months ago
I wasn't thinking of cartoons or radio....
dictracy 44 months ago
Tricky throwing voice actors in there, you never see them
dictracy 44 months ago
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