Which decade do you truly belong in?

Is your heart still in the 1980s?

Many people feel as if they were born in the wrong era. Maybe you were born in the '80s and wish you had the chance to experience the 1970s. Or maybe, you did get to live through your favorite era, and yearn to return to those days. Perhaps, however, you're content right where you are!

With the following six questions, we're betting we can determine what decade really has your heart. Find out below!
  1. Let's get the day started! What shoes are you putting on before you leave the house?
  2. Mustangs are timeless. Which model are you getting in to run your errands?
  3. What CD will you be listening to?
  4. The kids are playing video games when you get home. What console do you have attached to your TV?
  5. It's been a long day. Which couch are you ready to plop down on?
  6. Time to kick the kids off the video games. It's movie time! Which Steven Spielberg classic are you turning on?

Which decade do you truly belong in?

Your Result...

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ruswilinc 30 months ago
No. Not 80s. Choices too limited.
WILD 30 months ago
If I had my choice of movies based on a classic Science Fiction novel it would have been HG Welles' The Time Machine.
Musically I would have preferred either Led Zeppelin I or II over Houses of the Holy.
idkwut2use 33 months ago
Tough choice between the first two sofas but as a 90s kid who's never left that decade and never going to, the result makes sense.
VaughnBaskin 33 months ago
Oh yeah! The '80's was a Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNTASTIC decade!
DerekBird 33 months ago
You belong in the '70s
Everything was better in the groovy '70s, wasn't it?

I chose War of the Worlds only because it was the one I've seen and I have only seen the original, I don't like remakes or reboots or whatever they're being called today.
Snickers 35 months ago
The 70's? No, my choice would have been the 60's.
ScoobyDoo169 40 months ago
I belong in the 80's which I already knew. I want to time travel back there really bad.
Russ 62 months ago
You really need to put in a choice of "none of the above"
DerekBird Russ 33 months ago
I agree with you because the final question had no movies in it that I've seen.
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