Pick a pop star and we’ll reveal a TV show you’d love

Pass the remote to The King of Pop.

The biggest pop stars get to where they are by performing hits that explore universal themes we all know well from classic TV.

That brings us to today's experiment. We think if you pick a pop star, we can guess a TV show that either you're already a huge fan of or that you'd be stoked to discover now.

Once you get your result, click on the other pop stars you like to see if we made any other connections you never considered before. Did your pop star pick lead to a show you love?
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  1. Pick the pop star you like best, and we'll reveal a classic TV show you'd love:
Pick a pop star and we’ll reveal a TV show you’d love

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Stephen79 3 months ago
So I clicked on each star to see what they paired it with. Janet Jackson should have been "Good Times". And they should have had a jazz/pop star like Al Jarreau for Taxi, as Jazz legend Bob James wrote the opening theme "Angela", and Jarreau appeared on Bob James and David Sanborns Double Vision album for which Jarreau received a grammy nomination (Should have won) .
ndebrabant 5 months ago
I pick Frank Sinatra.
You got Perry Mason
You could almost picture Frank Sinatra swaggering into an episode of Perry Mason, because noir fits Ol' Blues Eyes' style like a glove.
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