Which creature from classic TV are you?

Channel your inner creature features.

When supernatural themes started creeping onto television through early shows like Star Trek and The Twilight Zone, it brought the best that sci-fi had to offer to the small screen.

While the idea of good battling evil has sustained audience interest for decades, in many cases it's the creatures that we saw on classic TV that helped to drive these themes home, and they're not all scary, either.

Supernatural creatures appear on TV in all shapes and sizes, sometimes as the genuine stuff of nightmares and other times as the unlikely superhero who's arrived to save the day. 

Which classic TV creature would you be if you had the chance to crawl inside your television set? The scary sort inducing chills? The comic relief tap-dancing across the screen? Or something weird and awesome that occupies the space in between? 

Take the quiz and find out what classic TV creature got to you the most.

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  1. Pick your favorite science-fiction TV show:
  2. Pick the classic movie monster who creeped you out the most:
  3. Which 'Twilight Zone' episode freaked you out the most?
  4. Which word best describes you when you're watching something scary?
  5. Which costume would you have most likely worn in the 1970s?
  6. Pick a piece of candy from the 1960s:
  7. Which of these common fears gives you the most chills?
  8. Which Halloween costume from classic TV do you like most?
  9. Which jack-o-lantern looks like something you'd carve?
  10. Which classic Halloween episode is the best?
Which creature from classic TV are you?

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