Which classic Western is Johnny Crawford in?

He played many more Old West characters than just Mark McCain.


Johnny Crawford was one of the most prolific child actors of his day. He first rose to fame in The Mickey Mouse Club then became a household name playing Mark McCain in The Rifleman. But in between those two projects, and for many years after The Rifleman, Johnny guest-starred in all kinds of shows — many of them Westerns.

Here is Johnny Crawford in classic Westerns from the 1950s to the '70s. Can you tell which series he's in?

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  1. Which Western is Johnny Crawford in here?
  2. Here's Johnny all grown up on which Western?
  3. Can you tell which Western Johnny is in here?
  4. Which Western is this?
  5. Do you know this Western?
  6. Can you tell which Western Johnny is in here?
  7. Johnny acted with Sammy Davis Jr. on which Western?
  8. Here's Johnny in which anthology series that only told Old West stories?
  9. Johnny was in a rare color episode of which early Western?
  10. Which series (that wasn't Gunsmoke) brought Johnny to Dodge City?
  11. An episode of which Western featured Johnny alongside Martin Milner?

Which classic Western is Johnny Crawford in?

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GTStang08 15 months ago
8/11...C'mon! Besides the Baby Boomers, who knew anything about "Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre?"...lol
Thacket 16 months ago
10/11 missed #4 because I've never watched Trackdown
JewelsChuck 38 months ago
7/11…no doubt that he was a great actor. I loved him on the Big Valley.
kimmer 38 months ago
6/11...not too bad for a bonanza lover...lol
Eleanor 38 months ago
Grew up with Johnny. When I was little I had a crush on Mark McCain.
frenchman71 38 months ago
When did he pass away? I just found this out from reading your posts.
Mirramanee frenchman71 38 months ago
April 29. He had been suffering from dementia for some time now.
Newyorkcitygal frenchman71 38 months ago
Just a few days ago.
frenchman71 Mirramanee 38 months ago
That's sad. He was an accomplished musician and had his own big-time band. A real likeable actor.
nicegirl1 38 months ago
Omg... 2 outta of... 😳 Anyway more important rest in peace Johnny, Alzheimer's sux 🌹
JZ6030 38 months ago
11/11. RIP Johnny Crawford. Aka Mark McCain. No more suffering. Always in our hearts. ❤️ 🙏🏻🕯
AllisonWunderland 38 months ago
I got "four" 🏌️‍♀️.....😆
Cute picture of mags, looks like she’s doing ballet in her sleep Lol 😆 🩰 🐶
That's a good possibility 😂 Yeah, she was pretty darn comfy. All sprawled out like she owns the place ☺️
Cowgirl 38 months ago
11/11. RIP Johnny. We miss you.
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