How well do you know The Rifleman by the numbers?

Take a shot rifling through these facts and figures.

Lucas McCain and his iconic Winchester quickly became a TV favorite when The Rifleman first hit the airwaves and the show continues entertaining audiences to this day.

We've calculated, formulated and tabulated specific figures significant to this classic Western. Can you guess what each of these numbers mean?

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How well do you know The Rifleman by the numbers?

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Dave3000 19 days ago
Paul Fix played a dual role in one episode
Voyage_Lover_32 9 months ago
12/12, but the last one is wrong.
AnnieS Voyage_Lover_32 8 months ago
So was Chuck Connors height. He was 6'5", not 6 1/2'.
Marketer 13 months ago
Got 10. Don't know about guns; didn't have my eyes on Doc, lol. I worked on a show in Tucson with Chuck & we dated briefly. He asked me to marry him but it didnt happen as our faith was at different levels. Miss Chuck and Johnny; RIP both of you. Thanks for The Rifleman show.
dujon55 14 months ago
8 out of 12. Thought I’d do better
MC1707 15 months ago
Question 12 is wrong. It says Paul Fix play a part other than Micah only once.
He play the Doctor in the first episode true, but he also played an Irishman in another who supposedly was a husband and father who left his wife and son, and when they passed thru town, she though Micah was him as the looked alike..
Snickers 15 months ago
8 out of 12 good but not great.
jwj 16 months ago
11/12 favorite Western, on Plutotv they have a channel dedicated to just the rifleman that how good it is😁
Todd 16 months ago
#12 is only right if you count it as ONLY playing somebody except Micah. One time he played Micah AND a lookalike who ran out on his wife.
Mirramanee Todd 16 months ago
I was going to point out the same thing about Q12. Paul Fix played his usual Micah role and also that of a woman's runaway husband with a different name (can't recall but he had an Irish accent). The man had left his wife with a sone whom she named Habcook (not sure of the spelling).
Peter_Falk_Fan 16 months ago
7/12 knew 6, guessed 1 right, guessed 5 wrong. I remember having the rifleman's toy rifle when I was a kid. It had a metal part that flipped up inside the lever, so I could imitate the show's rapid fire opening.
Lacuadra70 16 months ago
Not bad for a 1964 model here.
UncleBigBad 16 months ago
During the 5-seasons of the Rifleman, Lucas exterminated 120 villains or in the words
of Mark McCain..." my pa never kilt anybody what didn't need a killin' ! "
Lacuadra70 UncleBigBad 16 months ago
I’m remembering BACK that one!
FL82SPARTAN 16 months ago
Isn't # 12 incorrect? Didn't Paul Fix also portray his less than scrupulous doppelgänger? Can't remember the season/episode.
Baysharx FL82SPARTAN 16 months ago
Yep. In addition to playing a doctor in the pilot, Fix played a dual role in a 1962 episode, doubling as Marshal Torrance and fast-talking "Charming Billy" Carraway.
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