Which classic TV family had more children?

Did the Waltons or Bradys have a bigger family?

Walton, Addams, Cleaver, Ricardo – these family names are instantly recognizable to classic TV fans. But how many fans remember the number of children in each family?

We’ve paired up 20 TV families from the Sixties and Seventies. Can you guess which ones had a bigger brood?

  1. Which Western family had more grown-up kids — the Barkleys or the Cartwrights?
  2. Which large family had more kids, the Waltons or the Bradys?
  3. Which Sixties sitcom family had more kids, the Petries or the Cleavers?
  4. Which futuristic family had more kids, the Robinsons or the Jetsons?
  5. Which fictional Lucille Ball family had more kids, the Ricardos or the Carmichaels?
  6. Both the McCain family and the Douglas family were led by single dads, which one had more kids?
  7. The Bradleys and the Clampetts met in a few crossover episodes, which family had more grown kids?
  8. Which Seventies sitcom family had more kids, the Evans family or the Jeffersons?
  9. The Partridge family had enough kids for a band but did they have more than the large Bradford brood? Which family had more kids?
  10. Which iconic family had more kids, the Flintstones or the Addams family?

Which classic TV family had more children?

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bagandwallyfan52 6 days ago
Happy Days were Sad Days
when Moose(Barry Greenberg)
made his last appearance on
Happy Days in the season one episode called Because She's
There with actress Diana Canova
As Ricies Tall Date
Other Last Appearances:
Bag Zombroski (NeilJ. Schwartz)
The Book Of Records
Chuck Cunningham 1
Gavan O Herlihy
Give The Band a Hand season 1
Chuck Cunningham 2
Randolph Roberts
Guess Who's Coming To Christmas season 2
Tita Bell
Richie's Flip Side
Season 2
Wendy (Misty Rowe)
Kiss Me Sickly
Spike(Danny Butch)
Graduation Part 2 season 4
Marsha Simms
Beatrice Colen
Our Gang
Uncredited Appearance
Eugene Belvin
Denis Mandel
Tell Tell Tart season 9
Melvin Belvin
Scott Bernstein
I Drink Therefore I Am
Season 10
Linda Purl
Haunted season 2
Cynthia Brannigan
Marla Pennington
The Lone Ranger episode
With John Hart as the Lone Ranger
I can't remember the title of
The episodes where Flip
Phillips (Billy Warlock)
And Ashley (Linda Purl) and
Heather O Rourke(Heather)
And Pat Morita (Arnold)made
Their Last Appearances on
Happy Days .
Randall 16 days ago
I see they are re-booting the WALTONS, but in the Promotional photo of the new series I only see six kids, they are missing one son!
wyo307pink 17 days ago
10/10 but then I realized I already took this quiz. ❤️
Last score: 6/10
MrBill 17 days ago
10/10; easy perfect score - knew then all.
dodgebob 18 days ago
Who do I blame? Me for not knowing (5/10), or Y'all for being so knowledgable?
jt4324464 19 days ago
No I knew them all I was a couch potato
greyhound 19 days ago
9/10 Missed #2, because I never watched the Waltons.
Coldnorth 20 days ago
10/10 easy one. Like I said 20 quizzes ago this proves I’m a closet couch potato
Bob 20 days ago
10/10. I watched an ungodly amount of TV as a kid.
madmark1 20 days ago
Got 9 of 10 most of the families are knew but I did not really know the Bradfords or MCcains
CarolKelley madmark1 18 days ago
The Bradfords were in Eight is Enough and Mal McCain was Lucas McCain's son.
madmark1 CarolKelley 17 days ago
Thanks for the info I do remember and I occasionally watched that show it wasn’t one of my favorites but did watch it on occasion as for MCcains that show was either before my time or I was too young to remember it thanks for the info I probably should’ve remembered Bradfords from Eight is Enough.
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