Can you complete these Dick Van Dyke Show episode titles with the right animals?

Which cute but shaggy creature was dubbed “the ugliest in the world”?

Even though The Dick Van Dyke Show had a simple premise about a comedy writer at home and at the office, there were plenty of hilarious antics that brought the laughs up a notch. Great guest stars, dream sequences and even animals appeared on the classic sitcom.

Here are ten episodes about animals, or at least with an animal in the title. Can you fill in the blank for each one?

  1. Washington vs the _____
  2. Never Name a _____
  3. The Ugliest _____ in the World
  4. The _____ Burglar
  5. Go Tell the _____ and the _____
  6. The Lady and the _____ and the Lawyer
  7. Talk to the _____
  8. A _____ in the Head Hurts
  9. _____, Ties and Toreadors
  10. The episode titled “The Unwelcome Houseguest” refers to Rob taking care of what kind of animal?

Can you complete these Dick Van Dyke Show episode titles with the right animals?

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MyLoveIainGlen 11 days ago
10 out 10. I grew up watching the series and know it by heart.
Jaxter14 16 days ago
Pretty bad with 4/10 but I liked that show and watch it now on Sunday nights. The episode with Jerry Van Dyke playing Rob’s sleep walking brother Stacy was hilarious!
geatornez82 18 days ago
10/10. But consider this is one of my favorite shows.
RosalindLeeWheeler 20 days ago
10/10 I really enjoyed and still enjoy watching Dick Van Dyke Show.
HGN2001 21 days ago
Perfect 10/10. Great show. Seen many times including the original CBS run.
Craigg 22 days ago
You got 9 out of 10
There's nothing ugly about this score! Great job!
johnnypatio 22 days ago
10 for 10. On Decades every evening. Two episodes back to back.
jtrain 22 days ago
6/10, Watched a lot, just didn't remember the titles!
Wendy57 23 days ago
Ugh !
All guesses. Never was my favorite show.
DethBiz 23 days ago
5 out of 10. I guess I will be having nightmares about walnuts after that one.
Runeshaper 23 days ago
I did awful LOL but really need to watch this show again.
frenchman71 24 days ago
5/10. I hope I'm not accused of animal cruelty.
richardkel 24 days ago
9/10. Missed #7. I actually remembered the other episodes.
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