What show or movie do these Collector's Call items belong to?

It's the Collector's Call season-ending quiz! Can you place these various collectibles featured during season three to the right show or movie?


With Larry Strothe's astonishing collection of Creature of the Black Lagoon memorabilia, season three of Collector's Call came to a close. 

Our host Lisa Whelchel toured some of the most impressive collections from across the nation! These collections featured priceless items from movies that are considered all-time greats to classic spy shows. You can browse through all of season three's best collections by checking out our "Inside the Collection" stories here!

Some of the most recognizable items across classic television and film made it into a Collector's Call episode this season. Now, we're going to use those items and test your knowledge!

We're putting you in the collector's shoes to find out more about these items, starting with what show or movie they're from! 

Can you match these real items from Collector's Call to the correct movie or classic TV show? 

  1. This shirt hangs in Patrick Brickley's collection. Can you tell what organized crime show it is from?
  2. This spaceship flight deck featured in Tom Pfrogner's collection is from which Sci-Fi show?
  3. Collector Mike Haviland has a police cruiser that looks just like the ones featured in...
  4. Stewart Berkowitz has this kitchen set in his vast collection of classic TV props. What show is it from?
  5. This is another item from Stewart's collection. What show is this red shirt worn in?
  6. Collector Dave Arland has a pair of these furry creatures seen in...
  7. This bust of Bill Murray features him in what movie? This piece belongs to collector Dave Sinker!
  8. This contraption belongs to collector Robert O'Connor. What movie does it belong to?
  9. This doll is part of Wendy Winans' collection. What show does it appear on?
  10. Marcia Tysseling's collection of movie props and memorabilia is quite extensive. Can you tell what movie these outfits are from?
  11. These prison uniforms can be seen in...
  12. Can you point out which show this robe, also found in Marcia Tysseling's collection, belongs to?
  13. This custom-made cane can be seen in what Sci-Fi action movie series?
  14. What show did this control panel come from?
  15. Danny Biederman has quite the collection of classic spy memorabilia. What is this communication device from?
  16. Danny's collection also features this killer-crawler from what James Bond movie?

What show or movie do these Collector's Call items belong to?

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RichLorn 22 months ago
Just proves that I'm not a materialistic person.
Yeah... that sounds like a good excuse.
TheMonkees 22 months ago
Classic collection coolness. I aced it.
TSeym22 22 months ago
12/16 Mostly missed the clothing questions. What show is this robe from? C'mon.
StevenMaines9680 22 months ago
I got 13 out of 16

Uh, that was hard. Better than trying to figure out the Cowboy hats.
SteveMcnary 22 months ago
16/16 Easy for me but, I watch the show every week.
dmirarh 22 months ago
I got 13 out of 16, Lisa is so darn hott... only reason I watch the show.
mikesap1230 22 months ago
16/16 yes I lied like everyone else who got 16 right. Lol
Kergooliewyn 22 months ago
12/16 Most were good guesses, as I could not re-collect 😊 many of them.
ClassicTVnut 22 months ago
14/16. I knew most of them, but there were a few lucky guesses and 2 not so lucky.
LauriePinnell 22 months ago
15/16 if I’d only known that control panel in #14
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