Can you name these fake bands from classic TV?

Just because they're fake doesn't mean these bands can't play! Well, in most cases.

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The Mayberry Band
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Television brings plenty of wild plots, made-up characters and even fake music. And where there's fake music, there's a fake band. 

There were plenty of bands that tried to make it big, whether it be on the island or in Mayberry. Whether it was a clear-cut parady or a plot to a specific epiosde, there's no shortage of fake bands across classic television. Can you recall these fake band names?

Good luck! 

  1. In Full House, Uncle Jesse and his band were named...
  2. Before the character was changed to Freddy Fleet, which band often stopped by Mayberry?
  3. Opie and his group played in front of the kids of Mayberry in what band?
  4. Let's begin The Monkees section of fake bands. Up first.....
  5. This group is up next. What are they called?
  6. Finally, what band is this?
  7. Robbie and this band from My Three Sons sing "A Good Man to Have Around the House." What is the name of the group?
  8. Mary Ann, Ginger and Mrs. Howell make up what trio?
  9. Before the ladies performed, Gilligan was on drums while Mr. Howell, the Skipper and the Professor rocked guitars. What was this short-lived group called?
  10. What group started all the musical hype on the island?
  11. "Devil Gate Drive" was performed on Happy Days by Suzi Quatro and her group called what?
  12. Back to Full House. Stephanie, under Uncle Jesse's management, plays in a band called...

Can you name these fake bands from classic TV?

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