Can you name these fake bands from classic TV?

Just because they're fake doesn't mean these bands can't play! Well, in most cases.

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The Mayberry Band
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Television brings plenty of wild plots, made-up characters and even fake music. And where there's fake music, there's a fake band. 

There were plenty of bands that tried to make it big, whether it be on the island or in Mayberry. Whether it was a clear-cut parady or a plot to a specific epiosde, there's no shortage of fake bands across classic television. Can you recall these fake band names?

Good luck! 

  1. In Full House, Uncle Jesse and his band were named...
  2. Before the character was changed to Freddy Fleet, which band often stopped by Mayberry?
  3. Opie and his group played in front of the kids of Mayberry in what band?
  4. Let's begin The Monkees section of fake bands. Up first.....
  5. This group is up next. What are they called?
  6. Finally, what band is this?
  7. Robbie and this band from My Three Sons sing "A Good Man to Have Around the House." What is the name of the group?
  8. Mary Ann, Ginger and Mrs. Howell make up what trio?
  9. Before the ladies performed, Gilligan was on drums while Mr. Howell, the Skipper and the Professor rocked guitars. What was this short-lived group called?
  10. What group started all the musical hype on the island?
  11. "Devil Gate Drive" was performed on Happy Days by Suzi Quatro and her group called what?
  12. Back to Full House. Stephanie, under Uncle Jesse's management, plays in a band called...

Can you name these fake bands from classic TV?

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BenSobeleone 10 months ago
"Can you name these fake bands from classic TV?" No, I can't. And that's a correct answer to your question! (just kidding!)
Or do I even want to?
bagandwallyfan52 14 months ago
The Hooterville Hop the new
Dance Craze in Hooterville!!
Adam West (Batman) was in The
Hooterville Hop clip from Petticoat Junction which also
was the Last Appearance of
Junior Hocker played by
Russ Horton.
bagandwallyfan52 14 months ago
I love the 🍯 HONEYBEES
Mary Ann Summers
Ginger Grant
Lovey Howell
bagandwallyfan52 14 months ago
There should have been a
On Happy Days!
Do The Fonzie and The Hooterville Hop from Petticoat Junction are my favorite TV dances.
Actress Candy Moore (Chris
Carmichael on The Lucy Show)
Has a Twin in this Do The Fonzie
Clip.In the Last Scene before
Fade Out the woman with
Blonde hair standing and dancing to the right of Fonzie Henry Winkler resembles
Candy Moore.
In the Do The Fonzie clip from
Happy Days whatever happened to Richie's original drummer
Bag Zombroski Neil J Schwartz?
And why did Bag quit playing the
🥁 Drums in Richie's band
bagandwallyfan52 14 months ago
The Happy Days Band with
All Shook Up and other songs.
bagandwallyfan52 14 months ago
There's a guy dancing in Arnold's Drive In who looks almost
like Randolph Roberts AKA Chuck Cunningham 2.
Gavan O'Herlihy will always be the Sean Connery of Chuck Cunninghams.
bagandwallyfan52 14 months ago
Splish Splash sung by Potsie.
And Chuck Cunningham &
Eugene Belvin and Melvin Belvin
And Roger Phillips were
Happy Days and Garry Marshall was the BEST TV Producer of
bagandwallyfan52 14 months ago
That is DAPHNE (Hillary Horan)
Playing the 🥁 Drums in Richie's band after BAG ZOMBROSKI and
🥁 DRUMS and before CHACHI
ARCOLA played the 🥁 Drums
In Richie's band on Happy Days.
bagandwallyfan52 14 months ago
You Left Out The Happy Days Band:
Richie Cunningham
Potsie Weber
Ralph Malph
Bag Zombroski
The 4 Persons Who Played The
🥁 DRUMS in Richie's band:
Bag Zombroski Neil J Schwartz
Sticks DOWNEY JR John Anthony Bailey
Daphne Hillary Horan
Scott Baio
Happy Days Survey Questions:
Who is your Favorite Happy Days
Character Who wore Glasses :
1 Howard Cunningham
2 Moose
3 Eugene Belvin
4 Melvin Belvin
Who is your favorite basketball
Guy :
1 Chuck Cunningham 1
2 Chuck Cunningham 2
3 Roger Phillips
Who is your favorite person to
Play the 🥁 Drums in Richie's band on Happy Days:
1 Bag Zombroski
2 Sticks Downey Jr.
3 Daphne
Who is your favorite Practical
Joker on Happy Days:
Ralph Malph
Bag Zombroski
Who is Your Favorite Resident
Smart Nerd on Happy Days at
Arnold's Drive In:
1 Jenny Piccalo
2 Bag Zombroski
3 Roger Phillips
4 Moose
5 Eugene Belvin
6 Melvin Belvin
7 Marsha Simms
8 Wendy
Name ONE Happy Days Character who never appeared in Arnold's Drive In?!
oldmoe51 14 months ago
5/12 but I only knew the Gilligan ones
hippie22 15 months ago
9/12 I didn’t rock this one!
JaredGanbarg 15 months ago

Not bad for a 24-year-old who hasn't seen most of these shows.
Mob39 15 months ago
Can you name these fake bands from classic TV?

You got 10 out of 12

You have all the rhythm you would ever need for this quiz! Maybe you can be next to perform on the island!
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