What room of the Tanner household are these images from?

Can you tell which room belongs to who, and where these snapshots take place?

It's called Full House for a reason, as there's no shortage of family members in the Tanner household. Of course, we're talking about the entire family that includes Uncle Joey and the Tanner family dog, Comet. 

With so many people in the San Francisco home, there had better be plenty of places to mingle, sit down and sleep! 

From the upstairs bedrooms to the basement and even to the attic, there was a lot of moving around and a lot of room-switching over the show's eight seasons. 

Let's see how close you've paid attention to the Tanners' decorating skills and displays, as you'll need them to take this quiz! 

Take a look at the pictures below and see if you can correctly guess what room of the Tanner house it's from! Some rooms changed quite a bit throughout the series. Other rooms that were originally occupied by just one family member were suddenly occupied by two family members. 

Think carefully and use the clues in the images to help you answer! 

Don't get lost in this Full House quiz! 

  1. Here is Uncle Jesse strumming his guitar. Can you tell which room he's in?
  2. Michelle can be seen standing in which room?
  3. Danny and Uncle Jesse are talking in whose bedroom?
  4. This is D.J. and Stephanie standing in what room of the house?
  5. Can you tell where these uncles are standing?
  6. Joey had several bedrooms over the course of the show. Which one is he standing in here?
  7. In what room are Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse talking here?
  8. Where in the house are they in this photo?
  9. Can you tell what room D.J. is standing in?
  10. Michelle is holding Popeye in whose room?
  11. Uncle Jesse is drawing on a chalk board in what room

What room of the Tanner household are these images from?

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Bswolf 8 months ago
I got 10 out of 11..I messed up on one lol metv bring back the good old days for me
DZee 8 months ago
Wish it was GITMO. How much longer is MeTV going to keep torturing us with this show?
RichLorn 9 months ago
By my score, guess which room I was standing in when this show aired.
The poolroom.
Pacificsun 9 months ago
I wonder how much money in residuals the owner of that house made? That is, while he still owned it. And while the show was first running.

What happens is, so much traffic ends up going by, that owners and neighbors usually bale. The Mrs. Doubtfire house was very much a tourist attraction for awhile, too.
ZzubMcEntire Pacificsun 9 months ago
They don't get residuals. Only the actors get residuals. They get a flat rate for usage of the house. Alot of times they don't even know what the show is because they shoot all the exterior shots before the show even starts. It usually increases property value if the show is a hit. And people that buy the home know there's going to be alot of staring and pictures outside.
Pacificsun ZzubMcEntire 9 months ago
🙂 Appreciate the information, thank you!
jtrain 9 months ago
4/11, guessed on all, didn't watch the show much.
dodgebob 9 months ago
I set a speed record by guessing as quickly as possible and got 5/11
Dayna 9 months ago
I don't remember Joey having another room besides the living room and the basement.
retro6 9 months ago
2/11. Whew boy!
Don't worry, it's easy to get lost in house that big! Better luck next time!
MrsPhilHarris 9 months ago
I didn’t watch this show, but I am only posting here because it says “Be the first to leave a comment”. I can’t believe no one has commented on a story posted yesterday.
texasluva MrsPhilHarris 9 months ago
The site was down for showing comments. You might have been able to see yours but others you could not unless you were on the same thread with them. So when you went to comment it was blank and shows be the first. Some older stories and quizzes there was an option to see more and you could then click and most comments would appear. It was like that all last night until this morning.
Wendy57 MrsPhilHarris 9 months ago
Somethings wrong with this site.
Even though it says that there might be 30+ comments already, they tell me that I can be the first to leave a comment ??
What ?? 🤨
It returned to normal for me today. 🤷‍♀️
MrsPhilHarris Wendy57 9 months ago
Yes the same thing for me. I wonder what’s going on. 🤔 It seems okay today. Fingers crossed. 🤞
Wendy57 MrsPhilHarris 9 months ago
Glad it’s working for us. 🤞
Bigwheel1 9 months ago
5/11 so so for someone who never watched 😂
Wendy57 9 months ago
What is it with MeTV and Full House ??
I just don’t get it.
Didn’t even bother with this one. 👎
Anyone for McHale’s Navy as a sub for FH ?
MrsPhilHarris Wendy57 9 months ago
Pretty much anything except Monk or MASH would be good. 📺 Ozzie & Harriet, Mr. Ed, father Knows Best, Jack Benny, Our Miss Brooks, et al.
Wendy57 MrsPhilHarris 9 months ago
Sure, any of those options would be much better.
Andybandit 9 months ago
I got 4/11. I got #3, 7, 8, and 9 right. I wish Full House was not on MeTv.
Pacificsun Andybandit 9 months ago
And yet you played. 🙂
Mistertelvison 9 months ago
Not bad for a old man and I could be the Great Grandfather
Big3Fan 9 months ago
M*A*S*H and House? Monday, Monday can't trust that day,
Monday, Monday I see no reason to play....
MaryAnn 9 months ago
4/11 To me, this quiz was as annoying as the show itself. 😆
Pacificsun MaryAnn 9 months ago
And yet you played. 🙂
MaryAnn Pacificsun 9 months ago
Yeah, I didn’t get annoyed until I started missing a bunch of them! 😆
chriskjell 9 months ago
Worst show on Metv, please something else on.
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