Can you fill in the blanks to these Col. Potterisms?

Hopefully this quiz won't have your morale level 'lower than a gopher's basement.'

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If you need to get your point across or call somebody out without using profanity, seek advice from Col. Sherman T. Potter. 

The man in charge of the 4077th on M*A*S*H certainly had plenty of reasons and opportunities to swear, but generally kept things G-rated. What he lacks in actual swears he makes up for in creativity, alliteration and assertiveness. Of course, were talking about the "Potterisms." 

There's been too many across Harry Morgan's eight seasons on the show to count, but we can certainly highlight some of Col. Potter's best, and test your knowledge at the same time! 

Channel your inner-Potter to fill in the blanks to these various and often animal-food combos that created Col. Potter's eloquent language! 

Good luck! 

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  1. Complete this Potterism: "Pony _____!"
  2. Complete this Potterism: "Shiverin' ______!"
  3. Complete this Potterism: "Sufferin' buffalo _____"
  4. Complete this Potterism: "Mule ______!"
  5. You might hear Potter exclaim this while playing cards. Complete this Potterism: "Beaver _____"
  6. Complete this Potterism: "_____ Muffins"
  7. Complete this Potterism: "Holy ______!"
  8. Complete this all-time classic Potterism: "Horse _____!"
  9. One way to get a point across is to say, "That is grade-A, 100 percent ________!"
  10. Complete this Potterism: "_____ Bagels!"
  11. Complete this Potterism: "Sufferin' Sheep ____"
  12. Complete this Potterism: "_____ of beans..."

Can you fill in the blanks to these Col. Potterisms?

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