Can you put the many shows of TV icons in chronological order?

Lucille Ball, Andy Griffith, William Shatner and many more starred in shows across different decades.


While some TV icons became household names from their first starring role, others joined a few different casts before getting their big break.

Here are 15 classic TV actors who starred in at least four different shows across many decades. While most of these shows are recognizable hits, there's at least one short-lived flop for each person.

Can you remember which series premiered first and put them in chronological order for each actor?

  1. Can you put these Lucille Ball shows in chronological order?
  2. Can you put these Brady Bunch shows in chronological order?
  3. Can you put these Andy Griffith shows in chronological order?
  4. Can you put these Bob Newhart shows in chronological order?
  5. Can you put these Mary Tyler Moore shows in chronological order?
  6. Can you put these Dick Van Dyke shows in chronological order?
  7. Can you put these Bob Denver shows in chronological order?
  8. Can you put these William Shatner shows in chronological order?
  9. Can you put these Carol Burnett shows in chronological order?
  10. Can you put these Dennis Weaver shows in chronological order?
  11. Can you put these Sally Field shows in chronological order?
  12. Can you put these David Janssen shows in chronological order?
  13. Can you put these Burt Reynolds shows in chronological order?
  14. Can you put these Kate Jackson shows in chronological order?
  15. Can you put these Richard Boone shows in chronological order?

Can you put the many shows of TV icons in chronological order?

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Lillyrose 31 months ago
7 out of 15. The forgot "Evening Shade."
Martanrick1975 32 months ago
3/15…I just don’t know!!! 😳
Toot1956 32 months ago
10/15 better than I thought.
grandpa5741 32 months ago
5 of 15 this quiz was:
A- awesome
B- bold
C- cool
D- delightful
jt4324464 32 months ago
Well my memory was fading but I gave it the old 5out of fifthteen try
ncadams27 32 months ago
You only really needed the first two.
Craigg 32 months ago
You got 14 out of 15
How did your answers stack up on this quiz?

Missed the last one.
Bob 32 months ago
13/15. Some educated guesses. Tough quiz.
SalIanni 32 months ago
BONUS QUESTION: Betty White! A. Date With The Angels B. The Golden Girls C. Life With Elizabeth D. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
cperrynaples SalIanni 32 months ago
c-a-d-b! and here's another tricky one:After Golden Palace, White worked on what show mentioned in the quiz?
cperrynaples 32 months ago
This comment has been removed.
HIC was her last show, but I'm looking for a '90's show that starred someone mentioned in this quiz!
Jeremy cperrynaples 32 months ago
You're talking about "Bob," aren't you?
cperrynaples Jeremy 31 months ago
Yes, Bob was first a comic book artist, then a greeting card writer! Betty came on in season 2 where she was more Sue Anne than Rose!
cperrynaples 32 months ago
Here's a really tricky question: 2 of the stars mentioned in this quiz worked together on a variety show in the mid '60's! Name the stars and the show! Hint: the third star of this show was a woman named Caterina Valente!
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LoveMETV22 stephaniestavr5 32 months ago
Lol I never would have guessed that. Thanks for the reveal though.
LoveMETV22 stephaniestavr5 32 months ago
I know Monty Python very well and a huge fan. I think we have had conversations about MP. I know I had sent a silly olympics clip months back. I think you have mentioned having the collection though.
cperrynaples LoveMETV22 32 months ago
Yes, and the song was something she recorded over 60 years ago! You'd be surprized how many young people are inspired by old music!
LoveMETV22 cperrynaples 32 months ago
Yes an impressive bio on her.
country46 32 months ago
i did not do well at all i never liked half of these shows i don't even want to post results thats how bad
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