What amazing feats are these unique acts on The Ed Sullivan Show about to perform?

These performers dazzled Ed Sullivan with all kinds of astonishing and death-defying stunts.

The Ed Sullivan Show showcased some of the best musical performances of its time but it was a "variety" show in the truest sense of the word. Ed Sullivan welcomed all kinds of acts, including gymnasts, magicians, and death-defying stunt performers.

Here are some of the more unique routines that graced the famous stage. Can you guess what each of these talented performers is doing… or is about to do from the image alone?

  1. What is this man's act?
  2. This acrobatic act is centered around...
  3. This couple is demonstrating their skill...
  4. Why is this cowgirl holding a newspaper?
  5. The amazing thing isn't balancing on this thin beam, it's when she...
  6. What is this performer about to do with these silver bowling balls?
  7. He's not only balancing objects on his face, he's also...
  8. This elaborately costumed performer is about to do what?
  9. This stunt was too extreme to be done indoors. What is he hanging from?
  10. This performer is balancing on a moving...
  11. What is about to happen with this piano?
  12. This man can't see anything and yet he's about too...
  13. What does this stunt trio do?

What amazing feats are these unique acts on The Ed Sullivan Show about to perform?

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JHP 2 months ago
10/13 THANK you Me-Tv the show is super - but of course I am the biggest critic of the channel (HAHA)
Oldielover 3 months ago
9/13....Kind of easy,but tough.
cabugi 3 months ago
10/13 not bad for all guesses
Runeshaper 3 months ago
8/13 - didn't watch the show much, but these acts look GREAT! (-:
texasluva 3 months ago
10 out of 13. Myself I am a time traveler 🌠. One day I go back when I was 8, another 16. Who knows where next 🤷‍♂️. A real juggling act 🤹‍♂️.
JeffPaul76 3 months ago
I just took this quiz for the second time, and got 13 out of 13.
JeffPaul76 3 months ago
''You got 10 out of 13'' --------Did you stick the landing or were you flipping out on this quiz? -----------I got 7, 11, & 13 wrong.
tootsieg 3 months ago
7/13. Ed Sullivan had something for everyone.
librarynerd 3 months ago
It seemed that alot of the very talented and dangerous acts done on the Ed Sullivan show came from other countries.
stephaniestavr5 3 months ago
It helped that I have seen others do the same act. I have Bozo's Circus to thank for that! (Some of these same acts, could've appeared on BC.) Another way I got the answers: how they had their bodies positioned. IE: The woman with her arms upraised, I could tell she was on a bicycle. The man w/balls on his nose, I could tell he was on unicycle.
The easiest act for me to figure out: (I have a feeling, it was easy for others who saw what I did:) The man with the hood over his head. I could tell he used a bow and arrows, because I could clearly see the quiver strapped onto his back.
Once again, METV make the quiz easy, (for possibly some of us,) due to their choice of photos.
Wendy57 3 months ago
Really miss the old variety shows.
Very talented and unique entertainment for the whole family.
jimmyvici 3 months ago
10/13…lucky guesses
dmirarh jimmyvici 3 months ago
12/13 almost all guesses.
Kenner 3 months ago
I was always amazed at the plate spinning.
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