Can you guess what other shows these TV characters are referencing?

These parodies, homages and cameos prove TV characters are also TV fans!


The people who create television are also some of its biggest fans. Writers and producers will sneak in little references to others shows, maybe as a way to promote another series on the same network or maybe just to show how much they like a particular character or actor.

Here are ten references, jokes and homages made by TV characters about completely separate shows. Can you guess which program each one is referencing?

  1. Which Western hero does Wally Cleaver’s friend jokingly call him after seeing Wally’s mustache?
  2. In one ‘Alfred Hitchcock Hour’ opening, the host joked about another show idea where a family discovered oil on their farm, but instead of getting rich they just moved down the road where the land “wasn’t so slippery.” What was his title for the show?
  3. These Stone Age cowboys on The Flintstones are a direct reference to which popular Western?
  4. In an episode of The Wild Wild West, Alan Hale Jr. guest starred and, in a nod to his most famous role, mentioned he wanted to do what?
  5. In one Charlie’s Angels episode, Bosley pretends to be homicide detective “Sgt. Webb” – a clear reference to the actor from which show?
  6. In Gilligan’s Island, Mr. Howell says he has six years of legal experience from watching…
  7. What show does Mork watch on the Cunningham’s TV in Happy Days?
  8. In Cheers, Carla compares her large family to a TV family except “with knives.” What show does she mention?
  9. Lurch from The Addams Family looked out the window of a high rise on which show?
  10. In a Green Acres episode, Oliver gathers the residents of Hooterville even though they say they would rather be at home watching which sitcom?

Can you guess what other shows these TV characters are referencing?

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HulkFan02 37 months ago
5 out of 10, I didn't also know that there's a Batman reference in Adams Family btw
MarkDavis HulkFan02 37 months ago
in some of the episodes of Batman if he was climbing up the side of a building a star would appear out of a open window Lurch just happened to be the star of that episode.
Lacey 37 months ago
10/10 I watched WAY too much TV when I was younger.
JeffPaul76 37 months ago
''You got 10 out of 10'' --------Did you know all these nods to other shows?
robyni23 37 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Did you know all these nods to other shows?
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