Can you name all these bands performing on The Ed Sullivan Show?

See if you can recognize these iconic Sixties music groups!

Though Ed Sullivan welcomed all kinds of acts on his program, the performances that stood out the most came from the many great music groups of that era.

Here are some of our favorite bands who performed on the Ed Sullivan stage. Can you name them all?

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  1. The most famous performance on The Ed Sullivan Show came from this band...
  2. Can you name this group?
  3. Cars and stripes? Must be...
  4. Do you recognize the singer from this band?
  5. Can you name this '60s band?
  6. These two look so similar they must be related! They're from...
  7. Can you name this chart-topping group?
  8. Do you recognize this band started in the 1950s?
  9. Who is this?
  10. This band gave a controversial performance on the show. It's...
  11. Can you name these brothers?
  12. What animal band are these two singers from?
  13. The elaborate set hinted at the song this group performed on the show.
  14. Can you name this group?
  15. This singer and bassist are from...

Can you name all these bands performing on The Ed Sullivan Show?

Your Result...

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Fred_Clampett 10 days ago
14 of 15! Some were too easy, then some I had to go by who they weren't and make a guess.
a1k9 12 days ago
14/15 I missed #7. Picture to me didn’t look like the Bee Gee to me.
Lillyrose 14 days ago
12 out of 15. No matter how you did, it's time to put a record on! Which of these bands would you listen to first?
The Beach Boys, then The Carpenters.
BigMeTVfan65 18 days ago
100%.......waaaaaaaaaay too easy :-) !!!
Allison 21 days ago
13/15 #12 & #15 wrong otherwise - easy peasy
marmetv20 22 days ago
15/15! I love all these bands! This one was easy!
jerrysays 22 days ago
13 out 15 , some were lucky guess , i will admit
ConwayConway 23 days ago
I like these ones👍👍🇺🇸
dmirarh 23 days ago
I enjoyed this quiz. Made me have found memories of these bands. 15/15
JewelsChuck 24 days ago
15/15…this quiz was like baby food, another words it was easy.
tonto1851 24 days ago
15/15 grew up listening to most of them
SteveO 24 days ago
13 of 15.
Missed 9 & 15.
Should have known 9 by Richard's face but the hair threw me.
15 I had NO idea, strictly was a guess
bnichols23 25 days ago
Eh, missed #13. Shoulda knowed better.
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