We'll reveal your exact age based on whether you know what these things are

Not many people today know about 8-track tapes.

These days, it seems like technology moves at the speed of sound. 

Let's take this as an example. Ten years ago, the first iPhone was released. Now, everyone is dependent on them. 

Trends also come and go. What was hip in the 1970s might be unrecognizable to kids today.

We bet we can guess your exact age based on whether you know the following items! We'll present something, and you have to say whether you know its name or not. 

Think we can't do it? Prove us wrong!
  1. Do you know what these things are called?
  2. Do you know what this is?
  3. Do you have any clue as to what this is?
  4. This device has a special name. Do you know it?
  5. Do you know what this piece of technology is? (Hint: It's not a DVD player!)
  6. Can you identify this piece of technology?
  7. Do you know the name of this demonic creature?
  8. Do you know what on Earth this contraption is?
  9. Can you name this artist?
    Hello Giggles
  10. Can you name this brand of headphones?

We'll reveal your exact age based on whether you know what these things are

Your Result...

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Snickers 14 days ago
49 yea right, I'm 64. I had a laser disk player when I was younger.
JeanHarrisonMcCormic 8 months ago
Wow! They said 58. I will be 58 this year.
melanieofoz 8 months ago
This is a great quiz. Has me 10 years younger. Don't I wish.
DouglasMorris 20 months ago
58 years old? wrong, I am 47 years old. over by 11 years!
Gregory 20 months ago
I am 49? Huh...and I don't remember who painted the seal.
cripplious Gregory 8 months ago
me either
idkwut2use 20 months ago
40? Nah, 32. I did recognize most, even if I couldn't place or wasn't sure of the name...anyways, I must say that Lisa Frank is my all-time favorite artist and I could probably open a museum dedicated to her.
djk 20 months ago
Close, within 3 years! But yes and no isn't verifiable. I recognized the furbie, but didn't recall what it's called (went back and looked it up). I think those headphones are "beats" because of the logo... but I'm not really familiar with them.
Joe 20 months ago
Missed by 5 years……… 54!
Russ 34 months ago
This would have been better as a multiple choice for naming them instead of yes or no.
ndebrabant 34 months ago

You're 49 years old
A lot of the things on this quiz were throwbacks to your childhood. Gosh, remember CB radios?! Not only that, but you're also hip enough to know everything on this quiz. Nice!
No, I'm 65. Missed it by 16 years.
DwWashburn 34 months ago
So wrong! Guessed 49, I'm 68.
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