We can guess your age based on your car opinions

Do you prefer tailfins over touchscreens? Which iconic vehicle would you bring back?


Since the automobile’s invention, and especially after the expansion of the highway system in the 1950s, Americans and cars have gone together like chrome detailing and powder blue paint.

With the evolution of technology, each generation formed a new relationship with cars. Some appreciate how easy things like backup cameras and satellite navigation have made the driving experience while others prefer the thrill of a manual transmission and roaring engine.

Choose which answers below best match your personal car opinions and we’ll guess how old you are!

  1. What age did someone let you drive a car for the very first time?
  2. What is your favorite car color?
  3. Which modern car technology would you get rid of?
  4. What classic interior feature should be more mainstream again?
  5. What classic exterior feature should be brought back?
  6. What is the best car stereo?
  7. What is your favorite American car brand?
  8. What is your favorite car accessory?
  9. What iconic car model should be brought back?
  10. How do you feel about electric cars?

We can guess your age based on your car opinions

Your Result...

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WilliamJorns 4 months ago
45! HA!! You're off by twenty years! But, I'll take that as a compliment, so thanks!
KawiVulc 4 months ago
Under by 6 but... tortoise shell pattern? Never seen that. Wouldn't drive an electric car to the scrap yard.
CarolKelley 4 months ago
I didn't take the quiz cause too frequently none of the provided answers were my choice. I have a green MINI Cooper (a 2003) but it's British Racing Green. not Neon Green. I do want (and have) a CD changer in my car and I would drive an electric car. I do like woodies though especially though vintage ones.
Prudu2017 9 months ago
Wow. Spot on age guess. 62. First time that has happened!
Nightshade1972 9 months ago
Apparently my choices mean I'm 26. I'll be 52 in January, so that's literally half my age. I'll take it! :-)
tbrian 11 months ago
Added 11 years. Although some of the questions my answer would've been none, which wasn't an option.
JMike 20 months ago
"You are 71!" - Close. I'm 69.
James9 20 months ago
Close, it said 54, I'm 60.
maxh22 25 months ago
They said 71 years old. Guess what? I am 14! Believe it or not, I take this as a huge compliment!
WilliamJorns 26 months ago
Boy, MeTV, did you get it wrong!! Your quiz gave my age as 37!? I'm actually 63. Does that mean you think I'm young at heart? (If so, I'm flattered.)
PatrickRegan 26 months ago
37 years ago I was 32 years old.
I did the math.
pattijessica 26 months ago
It was off by 2 years, had me younger. That’s pretty good. 👍🏼
ThomFee 27 months ago
says i'm 37 i'm 58 -lol
PatrickRegan ThomFee 26 months ago
Same here I am 69 and says I am 37 also. :}
BuckeyeBeth7 27 months ago
It said I am way older than what I am. Apparently the fact that I know how to drive stick shift seriously ages as me 😏
L 28 months ago
71 (I'll be 60 in August).

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