Only Boomers can guess what decade all these wallpaper patterns are from

These retro wallcoverings range from trendy to tacky.


When it comes to interior decorating, wallpaper can be a polarizing choice. Some people love the styles and patterns, others just want walls painted all one color.

Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that wallcoverings, which evolved well beyond just paper, have played a huge role in defining the style and taste of the moment over the years.

Here are examples of many different wallpapers from the Fifties through the Eighties. Can you place each one in the right decade?

  1. What decade is this wallpaper ad from?
     Image: Sears
  2. This color scheme is straight out of the...
     Image: American Gas Association
  3. When is this ad from?
     Image: Sears
  4. What decade is this pastel bathroom from?
     Image: Sears
  5. Talk about matching patterns!
     Image: Initial
  6. Nothing spruces up a room like heavy, textured plastic.
     Image: Sears
  7. What decade is this ad from?
     Image: Imperial
  8. Some wall coverings need an oily polish.
     Image: Old English
  9. Cotton snakeskin walls anyone?
     Image: Connaissance
  10. "Modernize" your bathroom with jungle wallpaper.
     Image: Crane
  11. Another exotic bathroom from a different era.
     Image: Sears
  12. Even monkeys need wallpaper sometimes.

Only Boomers can guess what decade all these wallpaper patterns are from

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DanDolgin 11 months ago
8 / 12. I am a boomer and haven't had wallpaper in the house (other than the kitchen) since I was 6 years old. I know paint better than wallpaper.
Keeperofpeace64 29 months ago
7 / 12 this quiz was not really fair to us men.. Men don't pay much attention to wall paper or home decor all that much..
JERRY6 29 months ago
7 of 12 hit the botton by mistake 3 times should have done better
Catman 29 months ago
#12 shows a picture of a chimpanzee, which is an ape, not a monkey.
vinman63 Catman 29 months ago
Monkeys have tails.
Catman vinman63 29 months ago
and guitars.
vinman63 Catman 29 months ago
Only the ones of the primates know as Monkees and some whe they shake they sound like Maracas.
Moverfan Catman 29 months ago
And drums...don't forget the drums!
Livingway 30 months ago
They looked same to me. Yea watching Bewitched about the same.
Oldielover 30 months ago
6/12....Ahhhhh,#8 was a great way for our parents to con us into polishing the kitchen wall panels. Then sitting down for a great Southern dinner that probably smelled great too,but the Old English Oil wafted the air--....At least we made the walls look shiny and new--.....Good times.
ETristanBooth 30 months ago
6/12. Would anyone seriously want to live in #5?
vinman63 ETristanBooth 29 months ago
Number nine screams Pompeii.
UTZAAKE 30 months ago
8/12. 5, 9, 10 & 12. Really good quiz.
DethBiz 30 months ago
9 out of 12. Decent for a non Boomer.
Martanrick1975 30 months ago
6/12 it was a fun quiz though! 😊
grandpa5741 30 months ago
7/12 my results back in the 40’s were pretty good. 👍
Dayna 30 months ago
5/12 Some of these are just hideous! LOL
dodgebob 30 months ago
I had fun guessing wrong, 5/12.
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