Only a Boomer can name all these 1960s toys

Sorry, Millennials! These action figures were cooler.


We've turned over a toy chest to spill out some awesome toys from the Sixties! Who needed video games when you had talking dolls and molten "Plasti-Goop."

Here are some of the most coveted playthings from Boomer youth. See if you can name them all!

  1. This battle-ready hero came as an Action Soldier, Action Sailor, Action Pilot or Action Marine.
     Image: Hasbro
  2. Mattel captured the thrill of the space race with its sci-fi line Major…?
     Image: Mattel
  3. The Colorforms company launched this line of seven alien action figures.
     Image: Colorforms
  4. This Mattel molding kit used "Plasti-Goop" to make Creepy Crawlers.
     Image: Mattel
  5. Cartoon actress June Foray provided the voice to this iconic doll.
     Image: Mattel
  6. Marx sold this cowboy line dubbed the "Best of the West." Who was the main character?
  7. This toy consisted of flat vinyl cut-outs that you could place on flat backgrounds. There were all sorts of licenses, including Popeye!
  8. These tiny dolls were called…?
     Image: Mattel
  9. If you bought one of the three dolls seen in this Wishbook, you were getting a…?
     Image: Sears
  10. Giant monsters! This line of plastic figurines was like little Army men meets a Svengoolie movie. What was it called?
     Image: Sears
  11. These miniature cars had a distinctive red stripe on the tires.
     Image: Mattel

Only a Boomer can name all these 1960s toys

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KawiVulc 4 months ago
8/11... born in '63 so I'd have thought I'd do better. Johnny West toys were the greatest, if a kid broke one of them they were seriously rough on their toys!
Eman723 15 months ago
I'm a babyboomer but the space/ alien characters and toys were not in my neighborhood. This is probably why Star Wars and other space series never appealed to me. I do like science fiction especially UFO flicks. Mars Attacks really was a parody of the "Eisenhower meets the Alien" case.
cynkgreen 25 months ago
My era, but I was reading science books, not watching science fiction!
WilliamJorns 26 months ago
9 out of 11 right! I had GI Joe, Major Matt Mason, Super Thingmaker, and Hot Wheels when I was a kid. And no, I didn't get seriously burned from using the hot "Thingmaker" set. My brothers and I worked with those under parental supervision (namely, my dad) because of that heating element. We had all sorts of those "Creepy Crawlers" toys laying around the house for years afterward....
geatornez82 28 months ago
9/11. And I AM a millennial (in some people's definition, anyway). Yeah, I know I didn't get them all, but in your point of view, MeTV, I betcha I got more than what you think a "typical millennial" would have gotten!
(sorry, I get a little testy with these things. But to put it in perspective, I also hate it when someone goes "OK, Boomer!" Can't we all just get along?)
L 28 months ago
7 out of 11. I am at the tail end of the Boomers.

I even had a Liddle Kiddles coloring book.

What about Suzy Homemaker?
DrBentonQuest1964 28 months ago
11 for 11. Eunic’s forte is 60’s toys evidently. Jonny, Hadji! How’s a trip to K-Mart sound boys?
Lillyrose 28 months ago
6 out of 11. Mostly guesses. I'm a Gen X.
vinman63 29 months ago
i would have gotten Mr Potato Head right.
RB 29 months ago
Well, I'm old-ish, but I ain't quite a Boomer. 6/11.
jimmyvici 29 months ago
4/11…not my era. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Mob39 29 months ago
I totally guessed that all the answers…

You got 5 out of 11

Were you an action hero… or were these utterly alien to you?
grandpa5741 29 months ago
5/11 I need to go play more attention🙃
327053 29 months ago
5/11 I am not a boomer. Born in 77’ so I am excused 😄
DocRockBap 29 months ago
I should have known all the ones I got wrong because either I had it or one of my cousins.
stagebandman 29 months ago
That Hot Wheels car is The Python. I had a room full of Major Matt Mason toys. Still have them! Looking for a buyer, I guess. And the Thingmaker also made Fighting Men, which were the same size as the green army men, but rubber!
L stagebandman 28 months ago
I thought it was Major Mudd.
WilliamJorns stagebandman 26 months ago
I remember the Fighting Men! You had to put wire in their arms and legs before you poured in the "plastigoop," otherwise you couldn't pose them with their weapons. A wireless Fighting Man was just a khaki-clad "gingerbread man" molded in green rubber.
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