Was this title a Gunsmoke episode or a Johnny Cash song?

Was it the Man in Black or the man in Dodge City?

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A great country song and a memorable Western episode have a lot in common. Both spin tales of jails, cowboys and saloons. In fact, sometimes it's hard to tell them apart.

Take Johnny Cash and Gunsmoke, for example. The two American classics belong together. See if you can tell them apart. Good luck, partner.

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  1. "A Boy Named Sue"
  2. "Prairie Wolfer"
  3. "Susan Was Evil"
  4. "Uncle Sunday"
  5. "Sunday Morning Coming Down"
  6. "Ring of Darkness"
  7. "Ring of Fire"
  8. "Bloody Hands"
  9. "Flesh and Blood"
  10. "Orange Blossom Special"
  11. "May Blossoms"
  12. "Seven Hours to Dawn"
  13. "I Forgot to Remember to Forget"
  14. "Song for Dying"
  15. "Don't Take Your Gun to Town"
  16. "The Ballad of Ira Hayes"
Was this title a Gunsmoke episode or a Johnny Cash song?

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