Try to match these theme songs to the correct Eighties sitcoms

We have the song titles and the singers… but what are the shows?

We were digging around in the closet and found an old mixtape. This awesome cassette contains 13 catchy tunes sure to get you singing along. All of them were used in opening credits of Eighties sitcoms!

We have the tracklist, the song titles and the performers. There is just one thing missing — the names of the shows!

That's where you come in. Take a look at these songs and match them to the correct TV comedies from the 1980s!

  1. "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" by Gary Portnoy
  2. "Thank You for Being a Friend" by Cynthia Fee
  3. "You Look at Me" by Scott Baio and Erin Moran
  4. "My Life" by Billy Joel (though it was replaced by "Shake Me Loose" by Stephanie Mills in reruns)
  5. "Without Us" by Johnny Mathis & Deniece Williams
  6. "As Long as We Got Each Other" by B.J. Thomas
  7. "Everywhere You Look" by Jesse Frederick
  8. "Then Came You" by Steve Nelson and Gail Lopata Lennon
  9. "Along Comes a Friend" performed by John Loeffler
  10. "You Can Count on Me" by Greg Evigan
  11. "Room Enough for Two" performed by Kim Carnes
  12. "Every Time I Turn Around" by Gary Portnoy
  13. "Together" by Ron Dante

Try to match these theme songs to the correct Eighties sitcoms

Your Result...

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EllisClevenger 1 month ago
You got 13 out of 13
You can probably sing along to all of these ditties! Nice work!
VaughnBaskin 1 month ago
You forgot the theme to "Saved By The Bell" MeTV. ;)
Oh come on. Do you really expect them to list EVERY sitcom from the 80s?
Uh yeah! Would you?!
Terrence 1 month ago
Two Silver Spoons together you and I
Debbie 9 months ago
11 out of 13. I guessed on 4 of them and got 2/4 right
MarioKlein 9 months ago
10 of 13 correct. Not bad with a few guesses. It was a fun trivia.
Katzi 9 months ago
I had never heard of #11. So I had to think of that one. (Thankfully I got it right.)
EllisClevenger 9 months ago
You got 12 out of 13
You can probably sing along to all of these ditties! Nice work!
Missed #11.
This is what happens when you overthink/second guess.
TheMuffinMan 9 months ago
12 can't believe I couldn't remember My Sister Sam
dethLSMO89 10 months ago
10 out of 13. Didn't watch all of the shows but got most of them right that I did watch. I too miss the theme songs and wish they would bring them back.
Laura 10 months ago
X marks the spot or did it 8-13😁🤔
TinkRoss 10 months ago
What happened to theme songs? Sometimes the theme song was better than the show itself. Bring back the great theme songs!
Fife 10 months ago
13 0ut 0f 13,and sang everyone of them... miss those days.
MarkSpeck 10 months ago
Couple of quick notes...first off, with regard to "Without Us", Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams's version was NOT the first version used on the show. The version used on the earliest episodes was sung by Dennis Tufano (former lead singer of the Buckinghams) and Mindy Sterling (who went on to play Frau Firbischer in the Austin Powers movies and is now a recurring actor on The Goldbergs). Once the producers discovered that Mathis and Williams also cut the song and featured it on an album, they decided that theirs was the version they wanted and swung a deal with Columbia Records to get it. Secondly, "As Long As We Got Each Other" is NOT a solo song by B.J. Thomas...there are two versions, the one featured on the show, the other that his then-current label, Reprise Records, issued as a single. Jennifer Warnes sings with B.J. on one version, and Dusty Springfield on the other. Can't remember which one did which off-hand.
Lillyrose 10 months ago
12 out of 13. Great music! I especially like the theme song to "Newhart." Great song, and great show! I wonder if MeTV will air it?
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