How popular are your opinions about Sheriff Andy Taylor?

Who should Andy have married? And should he have told Aunt Bee the truth about her pickles?


Andy Taylor sure (or as he would say s-u-u-u-u-u-ure) is a likable fellow and fantastic father. The Andy Griffith Show proved that time and time again. 

But nobody is perfect. There are times you perhaps questioned the Sheriff's decision making. You might even think he married the wrong woman.

That made us wonder. We'd like to see your opinions on some of Andy's actions. Answer the questions below — and see how your take compares to other fans.

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  1. Who should Andy have married? Pick one of his love interests.
  2. After he married, should Andy have kept Aunt Bee as his housekeeper?
  3. Should Andy have kept more mementos and pictures of his first wife and Opie's "Maw" around the house?
  4. Who should Andy have hired as his permanent replacement for Deputy Barney Fife?
  5. Should Andy have let Opie hang around the jail so much? ("Bringing Up Opie")
  6. Should Andy have told Opie that getting punched in the face does not hurt? ("Opie and the Bully")
  7. Should Andy have lied to Aunt Bee about liking her pickles and marmalade? ("The Pickle Story")
  8. Should Andy have done more to help Otis Campbell?
  9. Should Andy have taken a high-paying job from his connect Ed Crumpacker and moved to St. Paul, Minnesota, effectively ending the series after five seasons? ("Barney Runs for Sheriff")

How popular are your opinions about Sheriff Andy Taylor?

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terrymarsh 7 days ago
Anyone of them would have be better than Helen except for his high school sweetheart Sharon despain
Johnnyrocker 27 months ago
Joanna Moore had some of the most beautiful eyes of any actress of her time.
robyni23 38 months ago
77% similar to the most popular responses
ValpoPJ 38 months ago
Helen was awful. I agree that most any of Andy's other girlfriends would've been a better match. I voted for Peggy.
dmirarh ValpoPJ 38 months ago
I agree, Helen was a self absorbed bitch.
ForeverHappyDays 38 months ago
I definitely want to see Ernest T. Bass as a permanent deputy. "It's me! It's me! It's Deputy T."
HeleneNeiman 38 months ago
I agree with Timothy...Helen was a N A G ! Always yelling at Andy,,,they gave her an accurate name....C R U M P ! !!
Timothy 38 months ago
GeoRubik was totally correct. Helen Crump was the absolute WORST of all Andy's girlfriends. She was a witch with a capital B
Gayleistoons 38 months ago
This fitting in with the crowd is really getting old
dmirarh Gayleistoons 38 months ago
What are you talking about? Move on player.
JHP 38 months ago

can you believe andy leaving mayberry ?!

who would put up the sign on wally s gas station?

the jail would need a third cell?

and people voted for HELLen Krump - yikes? Miss Perfect?

just watched opies ill-gotten gain - I guess andy just loved to be yelled at

and ernest T for deputy...perfect - waren furgeson? - worse than barney
DeborahRoberts 38 months ago
The show pretty much ended for me when Barney left. I've watched all the episodes and have the entire series on DVD, but rarely watch the color episodes anymore. The show lost more than the rapport between Griffith and Knotts. For me, at least, it didn't translate well to color. I've never liked the one color episode of "Perry Mason" either and am glad the show ended before making the transition. It worked out for "Gunsmoke" and a few others, but some shows just seemed to belong in the black-and-white era.
Irish DeborahRoberts 11 months ago
I too quit watching when Barney left. He made that show!!!
DeniseandTyrone 42 months ago
100% Similar to the most popular responses.
Bob 49 months ago
I voted for Helen, but think about the comedic possibilities if Briscoe Darling was Andy's father-in-law.
kimmer 49 months ago
93%....gosh we think alike in many ways.
PINKYLEE 50 months ago
I remember "Ellie" when she was on "Father Knows Best" as a teenager.

Andy should have married her - smart AND pretty.
MikeyMello 50 months ago
I thought Andy should have married Miss Peggy. I can still hear Floyd saying...”Mr and Mrs Andy Taylor”. Best show em all.
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