True/False: Are these real facts about Hugh Beaumont?

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He was the classic television father of the late '50s and early '60s that everyone wanted as a dad. Hugh Beaumont played Ward Cleaver on the hit series Leave It to Beaver. The actor was born in Kansas, and his father was a traveling salesman who often kept his family on the move.

Yet, that didn't stop Beaumont from following his dreams. He began his career in 1931, performing in theatres, nightclubs and on the radio. A lot of his earlier films are uncredited, but it is believed that he started his motion picture journey in 1940.

Are you a huge fan of Hugh Beaumont? Can you tell if these facts are true or false? Good luck!

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  1. Hugh Beaumont became a Christmas-tree farmer after retiring from acting.
  2. Beaumont's full name is Marshal Hugh Beaumont.
  3. He directed and produced several episodes of Leave It to Beaver.
  4. The actor guest starred on episodes of Mannix, Petticoat Junction and Wagon Train.
  5. Beaumont despised being on set with Barbara Billingsley.
  6. When he was younger, he played football.
  7. He almost left Leave It to Beaver for a role on The Andy Griffith Show.
  8. Beaumont thought Eddie Haskell (Ken Osmond) deserved a bigger role.
  9. He earned a master's degree in Theology.
  10. The actor wanted a spin-off of Leave It to Beaver called The Parents that focused on Ward and June's life after Beaver and Wally moved out.

True/False: Are these real facts about Hugh Beaumont?

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RedSamRackham 12 months ago
* Wasn't he also a narrator in USN training films?
LalaLucy 13 months ago
9/10. Great guy. Knew some of this, had good instincts on others, but missed the Eddie Haskell thing. I thought it really sounded like his way of thinking.
Ready2go 13 months ago
9/10. Tripped over the Eddie Haskell question. Hugh was also in the 50s sci-fi mpvie "The Mole People".
vinman63 14 months ago
In the New Leave it to Beaver Thanksgiving episode we meet Gloria who was Hugh's sister in real life.
Muleskinner 14 months ago
9/10. Missed the Eddie Haskell question.
carvermatic 14 months ago
10/10 Maybe they’ll name a sundae after me at the drug store!
Rob 14 months ago
I got 5/10, all guesses because I don’t know anything about Hugh Beaumont.
debodun 14 months ago
Got 9 of them. Only wrong was #8.
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