What show is Yvonne Craig, a.k.a. Batgirl, featured in?

Batman wasn't the only series in which Yvonne Craig turned heads.

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Yvonne Craig is best known for her role as Batgirl, from the 1966 series Batman. She captured the audience in each one of her 26 appearances during the show's third and final season. 

Though she is best known for Batgirl, Craig played several other characters on plenty of classic television shows. Throughout her career, she turned heads no matter what classic show she popped up on. 

Can you tell what show Yvonne Craig is in? Look at the images below and see if you can correctly remember her in these shows! 

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  1. Here, Craig is in...
  2. Here she hands out a parking ticket in what show?
     Image: CBS Television Distribution
  3. In this Western, Craig plays Allie Kay... What show is this image from?
     Image: Four Star Television / 20th Television
  4. What show is Yvonne Craig in here?
     Image: MGM Television
  5. This is Craig in an episode of...
  6. Here she works in the darkroom on an episode of...
  7. What Western is she in here?
  8. Last but not least, here she is in...

What show is Yvonne Craig, a.k.a. Batgirl, featured in?

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Kaydee 1 month ago
4/8 I only remember her on that episode of Star Trek (who doesn't remembered that episode) and The Big Valley. Otherwise Nope, I basically know Miss Craig as the one and only kicking crooks in the face Batgirl Ha! By the way, her performance on The Big Valley was very good, as well as the storyline. RIP Yvonne Craig and "Charlie" Barbara Gordon's pet parrot on Batman.
SheriHeffner 12 months ago
I got 5 out of 8. I didn't see her on the ones I missed.
JeffPaul76 12 months ago
"You got 5 out of 8. -----How'd you do? Did you recognize Yvonne Craig in these classic hits, or do you only know her as Batgirl?" --------I got 2, 6, & 7 wrong.
Jan65 16 months ago
She was also in a movie with Don Knotts called , "How to Frame a Fig".
Concrete64 16 months ago
5/8, she was a babe. But I always had the hots for Julie Newmar.
JHP 16 months ago

well in my defense I was staring at well too much of a good thing:)
Kaydee 16 months ago
6/8 I miss Yvonne Craig R.I.P
Lacey 16 months ago
7 out of 8. I think that is pretty impressive for this hour of the morning.
KevinButler 16 months ago
Ms.Craig first worked with character actor Mr.Neil Hamilton on"Perry Mason"..they would later be reunited on"Batman".
Finnley 16 months ago
8/8 Dada,Dada,Dada,Dada BatGirl!
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