Can you name all these characters in Adam-12?

Do you know the fellow officers, informants, wives and girlfriends in the show?

Though Adam-12 was mostly a two-man show, Officers Malloy and Reed couldn't do everything themselves. Reed had a wife to help and support him and bachelor Malloy even got a girlfriend by the end of the series. There were also many recurring officers and supervisors at the station that played a part in many episodes.

Here are ten characters from Adam-12. Can you name them all?

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  1. What is Officer Malloy's first name?
  2. What is Officer Reed's first name?
  3. What is this Sergeant's name?
  4. Bing Crosby's son, Gary, played fellow officer...
  5. What is Mrs. Reed's name?
  6. After her time in Mayberry, Aneta Corsaut played Malloy's girlfriend named...
  7. Claude Johnson played his very first role in Mayberry as Josh Wakefield. He played an officer named...
  8. Another boss at the station was...
  9. Reed and Malloy received tips from an informant named...
  10. The owner of a favorite lunch restaurant was named...

Can you name all these characters in Adam-12?

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TSeym22 1 month ago
10/10 Watch a lot of Adam-12!
grandpa5741 1 month ago
7/10 1 Adam 12, man missed 3 questions 👮‍♀️
JL1965 1 month ago
8/10 I haven’t had my coffee yet
Epsdel 1 month ago
Missed one should have looked at the rank insignia.
RichLorn 1 month ago
1 Adam 12 ... 1 Adam 12 ... See the man about a 7-10 committed 7 out of 10 times at 7:10 near 7th and 10th. Handle code 10 minus 7.
Chavella13 1 month ago
I missed the last three… better than nothing! 😊 have a Merry Christmas ya’ll
Dario 1 month ago
9 out of 10! Got No. 8 wrong. 😁😁😁😁😁
kkvegas Dario 1 month ago
Me, too. And I thought I knew everything about Adam-12.
pattijessica 1 month ago
10/10 Love Malloy & Reed ♥️♥️
David 1 month ago
You got 10 out of 10
Did you get a code 10 in 10/10 or did you miss a few?
Robert978 1 month ago
Adam 12 is a wonderful show but think how much better it would be if Columbo was their boss 🤣
dangler1907 Robert978 1 month ago
I think Malloy would just shoot him for taking too much time at roll call. ;)
Dario dangler1907 1 month ago
Moverfan dangler1907 1 month ago
Lieutenants don't handle roll call--that's what sergeants are for (at least it was on Hill Street Blues).
JulieTV 1 month ago
8/10! Not too bad! Love Adam-12!!
nd1irish 1 month ago
“One Adam-12, One Adam-12, a 211 in progress. One Adam-12 handle Code 3”.
jerrygon 1 month ago
10/10 Love this show! I am up to season 7, a third of the way in but I do/don't want to go further because the show will come to an end and I don't want it to end.
pattijessica jerrygon 1 month ago
I started again 😆
jerrygon pattijessica 1 month ago
I've watched certain episodes over and over on DVD, but again once you've eaten the last "potato chip" (episode), there won't be any new ones ;)!!! I love the idea of having a new adventure (potato chip) to look forward to everyday.
pattijessica jerrygon 1 month ago
I hear ya. Coincidentally I was actually just eating some bbq chips! 😊

kkvegas jerrygon 1 month ago
I watched this show with my dad when it was originally on TV, and I've watched it in reruns ever since. It's always been one of my favorites, and it never gets old.
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