Quiz: Which classic TV cowboy are you?

Well, howdy! We're guessing you love westerns as much as we do. The open country, the beautiful horses, the cool leather clothing. What's more American? Those wide, dusty vistas were populated with quiet drifters, steely sharpshooters and righteous peacekeepers.

Ever wonder which classic television cowboy is most like you? Sidle on up to the keyboard and answer these questions.

  1. First, you gotta pick a place to build your homestead.
  2. Now what's your get up?
  3. Well now you gotta put on a cowboy hat. Have one of these.
  4. Alright now, what kind of heat are you packing?
  5. What kind of work are you looking for?
  6. Let's sit around the campfire. What kind of chow do you want?
  7. What do you want to do to pass the time?
  8. Who's the greatest country singer?
  9. What seems like the most cowboy way to go out?

Quiz: Which classic TV cowboy are you?

Your Result...

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Cowgirl 14 months ago
You are Hoss
You're a big fella — with a bigger heart. Let other cowboys wander the desert with a horse and a rifle. It's much prettier up by Lake Tahoe. You're a great hand to have around on the Ponderosa.
Runeshaper 25 months ago
You are Paladin
You are a gentleman who prefers the finer things — fancy clothes, expensive drinks, art, city life. But that doesn't make you a slow draw. Your gun skills bring about justice — for a price. Say, $1,000. Catch Paladin's adventures on Have Gun, Will Travel every Saturday at 9AM | 8C on MeTV.
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