Quiz: Which TV character is most like your first roommate?

Fall is a busy moving season. College is starting up. People relocate to new cities to start a new chapter in life. And most likely, folks are searching for new roommates. 

Most of us have likely lived with a roommate at some point in our lives. The question is, what kind of roommate did you have? Were you an odd couple? Were you coworkers at a brewery? Television history has shown us all types of roommates. Which one shared a place with you?
  1. How did you meet your roommate?
  2. What was your roommate's prized possession?
  3. How often was your roommate around?
  4. What would you argue about most often?
  5. What did your roommate like to eat?
  6. What color did your roommate wear most often?
  7. How close are you today?
  8. What was your favorite thing to do together?
  9. What three words best sum this person?
  10. What kind of place did you have?
Quiz: Which TV character is most like your first roommate?

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