Can you name these celebrities who appeared on 'The Rifleman'?

A true pop culture sharpshooter will hit eight or more of these famous faces.

It was a good time to be an up-and-coming actor in the late 1950s. Studios needed a steady stream of men to populate its many TV Westerns. At one point, there was a couple dozen or more cowboys shows on the networks, each one requiring good guys, bad guys, local folk, bartenders, cowhands and whatnot. If you were a working actor, you were probably on a Western in 1958.

Of course, The Rifleman was one of the greatest of these classic small-screen Westerns. And it had its fair share of stars, both established and rising. 

Let's see if you can recognize these famous faces — comedians, superheroes, spies, singers and more.
  1. This acclaimed actor made an early appearance on 'The Rifleman' — in the very first episode. He returned again later that season.
  2. Who could forget this song and dance man, who appeared in two episodes?
  3. Before he was an action hero, he was in "Stopover."
  4. Before he became a Western star in his own right, this young man got his leg twisted in the third episode.
  5. This Oscar-winning actor tormented Lucas McCain as the villain in "The Vaqueros."
  6. Not only was part of a trio of boys on a popular sitcom, he was in "The Patsy" and "Heller."
  7. He played a popular TV character on a show set in the South. But he made his screen debut on 'The Rifleman.'
  8. He also played a spy during the 1960s.
  9. What is the name of this iconic James Bond baddie?
  10. This beloved comedian appeared in two different episodes.
Can you name these celebrities who appeared on 'The Rifleman'?

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Geronimo 18 days ago
Too easy..................10/10
EllisClevenger 21 days ago
You got 10 out of 10
You were right on target! A cowboy hat can't disguise these famous faces. You are a true pop culture sharpshooter.
Gointruckin2018 4 months ago
You continue to advertise WKRP at 9:30 but you're putting the news on instead, bad choice! Please put WKRP in Cincinnati back on! If you have to have the news put it on at 6 p.m. like everybody else. Please take the news off and put WKRP back on! I would wait hours just to watch my WKRP and now you ruined it!
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