Put together a Valentine's Day mixtape and we'll tell you which musician is your soulmate

Love is in the air, and now it's in this quiz!


Everyone knows the quickest way to somebody's heart is through a good mixtape. Here, we're inviting you to create the perfect playlist for your crush, and in return, we'll tell you which famous musician is your soulmate!

It's up to you to build this mixtape track by track based on which songs you think are the most swoon-worthy!

  1. Track One: Give us something upbeat that we can groove to!
  2. Keep the party going! Give us a song that you can boogie to with your disco partner.
  3. All right, now let's slow it down. Put a gentle love song on there.
  4. Now we're looking for something wistful.
  5. Too sad, too sad! Pick a song to have a sweet picnic to!
  6. Choose a song to have a romantic montage to.
  7. Uh-oh! You lost the love of your life to another Casanova! Drop a track on here to sing outside their window to win them back!
  8. Now give us a track to confess your love for each other in the rain to.
  9. Another upbeat one, just to be fun!
  10. Last song! Pick one more and finish strong!

Put together a Valentine's Day mixtape and we'll tell you which musician is your soulmate

Your Result...

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TammyMeador 1 month ago
My soulmate is Paul McCartney
You'd think that people would've had enough of silly love songs, but not you!
Beatseeker 4 months ago
i got donna summers... all i know of her is what i read in the news.... she died....
geatornez82 4 months ago
Paul McCartney . . . . . who is MY SISTER'S favorite Beatle!
grandpa5741 5 months ago
Donna Summer, saw her once, what a great lady. 👍
bonwil 5 months ago
I got doly parton.. well.. She is talented and I do like some of her music 🎶
Flash4001 5 months ago
I'm a Male and I got Paul McCartney. The only thing we're compatible with is we both play Bass Guitar
Geronimo 5 months ago
Put together a Valentine's Day mixtape and we'll tell you which musician is your soulmate
My soulmate is Donna Summer
Love will always find you, no matter where you hide!

The right pick 👏
IndianaRockz 5 months ago
Donna Summer?
Just a couple of 'Bad Girls' lookin' for some 'Hot Stuff' 'On the Radio'.

P.S. someone left the cake out in the rain.....
SalIanni 5 months ago
I got Paul McCartney. I was hoping for Annette Funicello!
texasluva 5 months ago
I got Paul McCartney. You know he has Wings too, right 😆.
paulie266 5 months ago
my soulmate never rsvp'd

both as a bit and irl
Kimk21 5 months ago
Should have had "Everlasting Love" for one of the choices.
Kimk21 Kimk21 5 months ago
The Rex Smith version.
Rob 5 months ago
I have serious doubts concerning the accuracy of this quiz.

ww245 5 months ago
Well, most of the song picks I didn't really care for to begin with and I wouldn't be caught dead with Paul McCartney.....like they said as being my soul mate.....I SERIOUSLY doubt that.....Why not ask to put a song title in there and go by that......
Ginger47 5 months ago
I guess I’m dating Paul McCartney now
riethmeier 5 months ago

I didn’t pick any of The Beatles’ options, yet they think Paul McCartney is my musical soulmate? No, thanks.
Crisco 5 months ago
My soulmate is Donna Summer.
What the heck.that was stupid.
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