How well do you know The Who?

You give us the what, when, where, why and how.


Whether you discovered them during their initial string of hit albums, or caught on later in their career, we can all agree that The Who is one of the most iconic musical acts of all time.

It doesn't get more "classic rock" than The Who, so let's take a look back at their catalog together. We'll leave a word or two out of a song title, and it's your job to fill in the blank. Good luck, and be sure to share your thoughts and your score in the comments section below.

  1. "_______ O'Riley"
  2. "________ Wizard"
  3. "Behind _____ Eyes"
  4. "Won't Get _______ Again"
  5. "I Can See for _______"
  6. "I Can't _______"
  7. "Magic _____"
  8. "_______ Together"
  9. "_____ the Spider"
  10. "The Kids Are ________"
  11. "______ Box"
  12. "_________ Front"

How well do you know The Who?

Your Result...

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musicman37 4 months ago
Like I said, you gotta do better than that, Me TV - 12/12
CrumblyCrunchies 4 months ago
grandpa5741 4 months ago
10 of 12, The Who, what a great Band. 🎤
JHP 5 months ago
like shooting fish in a barrel


I wish I could give a listing of all my fav tunes

from the band

WGFA is great - but a close 2nd is the "The Rock" off of Quadrophenia - Moon I miss you - Ent I miss you also
KirwoodDerby 5 months ago
I once asked myself what was the greatest all-around rock song of all time. One song that contained all of the elements that made that classic song the greatest of all, and then Won't Get Fooled Again played on my car radio and I knew this was my choice. What's yours?
JHP KirwoodDerby 5 months ago
They had so many - but WGFA still gives me chills - I crank Pete's guitar and Daltrey's yell when I get it in the car
atiq1969 KirwoodDerby 4 months ago
Kashmir by Zep.
Pastorgman 5 months ago
12/12 - He's a pinball wizard
There has got to be a twist!
atiq1969 Pastorgman 4 months ago
But does he have a supple wrist though?
RobertK 5 months ago
12 0f 12. The Tommy rock opera album was my favorite! Imagine all the instruments they destroyed through the years!!!
LarryMMM 5 months ago
12/12, The Who is one of my all time favorite bands...
mabasham55 5 months ago
Got 10 right that’s good. Two song I did not remember Boris the Spider.
JHP mabasham55 5 months ago
yep that was "the Ox" (Entwhistle) and very heavy on the bass guitar
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