You pick: Which wins in an all-fall battle: Apple or pumpkin?

From drink and food flavors to outdoor activities, are you picking apple or pumpkin?

Fall is in the air! 

We've officially said goodbye to summer and will soon welcome all the changes fall has to offer. Here at MeTV, we can't wait for spooky season and Svengoolie's Halloween BOOnanza!

Of course, there's plenty more to the fall season than Halloween. Fall lovers can't wait for the leaves to change colors and for the temperature to drop. 

Fall always seems to bring out the scented candles, new decorations and outdoor activities everyone can enjoy!

In recent years, pumpkin flavored coffee has dominated the fall season when it comes to beverages. Yes, Millennials we're looking at you! From drink and food flavors to outdoor activities, when it comes down to all these fall categories, are you picking apple or pumpkin?

Take this poll and let us know how similar you are to other fall fanatics! 

Happy fall!

  1. Let's get right to the craze of recent years. You're having a fall-flavored hot coffee, what flavor are you adding in?
  2. Whether you drink iced coffee or not, if you had to, which flavor are you adding to an iced coffee?
  3. Let's keep the drink trend going. You're having some warm tea on a chilly fall morning. What flavor?
  4. Cider is an all-time great when it comes to fall drinks! What flavor cider?
  5. Few things go better with cider than doughnuts! Apple or pumpkin?
  6. What kind of bread are you baking this fall?
  7. Apple pies are great for summertime, but which flavor pie are you choosing if both are on the table?
  8. How about ice cream?
  9. Are you having a normal candy apple, or a pumpkin spice candy apple?
  10. If you had to choose, what flavor salsa are you dipping your tortilla chip into? Yes, there are apple and pumpkin flavored salsas out there!
  11. Let's step outside a few classic fall activites. Are you going apple picking or walking through a pumpkin patch?
  12. Are you bobbing for apples or carving a pumpkin?

You pick: Which wins in an all-fall battle: Apple or pumpkin?

Your Result...

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Mistertelvison 14 hours ago
Your question about Apple or Pumpkins
Actually I would go for Apple Cider.
I used to go up to Easton Pennsylvania to get Apple Cider and I bought a couple of Apple Cider and now I can't go anymore to get the Apple Cider on account of my age
To all the Me TV fans and have a great time picking up Apple Cider or Pumpkins so enjoy your Fall Days
Take care from your friend
Mister Television
Bad_Pizza 20 hours ago
OK, so can we talk about #8? How about ice cream? I mean, who eats Pumpkin or Apple ice cream? You have vanilla ice cream with pie, there should have been an option for "None of the above!"
tacoshow Bad_Pizza 20 hours ago
GioLovesMash Bad_Pizza 17 hours ago
ayyyyy if good for this green cake like mash 74007 -M*A*S*H FAN 1234
philip22 22 hours ago
Pumpkin spice is way out of control pumpkin spice crazy way out of control
BuckeyeBeth 22 hours ago
66% similar.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of pumpkin or apple salsa. Mango salsa yes. I definitely haven’t ever heard of pumpkin cider. But I do love a good apple cider especially if it is a hard apple cider 🍺.
I definitely prefer pumpkin in my coffee but apple in my tea.
I chose apple pie over pumpkin pie. An older family member used to bring the best ever tasting pumpkin pies to TurkeyDay and Christmas meals when I was a kid. Except it wasn’t really pumpkin pie. I mentioned to them once when that no one could make a pumpkin pie as good as they could and they laughed and said that was because it was really sweet potato pie. They said they just always called it pumpkin pie because they were afraid the kids in the family wouldn’t eat it if they knew it was really sweet potato. So between pumpkin pie and apple pie I will always go for a warm slice of apple pie with a side of vanilla ice cream! 🥧🍨

It was very interesting to see how some of these answers were in the high 90 percentile.
ncadams27 22 hours ago
When foods mention pumpkin spice, there is no pumpkin- just the spices that are found in foods like pumpkin pie such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice, and ginger.
Michael ncadams27 2 hours ago
But in reality, would you eat a pumpkin pie without those spices?
ncadams27 Michael 1 hour ago
No - my point was that when comparing apple to pumpkin, the comparison is often to the spice flavor, not the pumpkin flavor.
Catman 1 day ago
My wife makes a vegan pumpkin pie that is so amazingly good that if you didn't know it was vegan you'd never guess.
JHP 1 day ago
pumpkins are ok - but feed me a slice of pumpkin pie,,,emetic fer sure
JHP 1 day ago
#4 - really? pumpkin cider?

there is nothing like carving a pumpkin - taking the seeds and salting them and in the oven they go - then you take the rind and cloves and sugar and vinegar - YUM!
Catman JHP 1 day ago
This pumpkin spice thing is out of control. There is even beer.
JHP Catman 7 hours ago
well - there's a brewery in Milw here that does make beer with those spices and I used to work there making it

it was a joy to do:) Lakefront Pumpkin - it was home brewing on a zen mega scale

again I cant stand pumpkin pie (its the texture I think)
tacoshow 1 day ago
RichLorn 1 day ago
I've know one or two blabbermouths that could bob for pumpkins.
Catman RichLorn 1 day ago
So you know my boss?
vinman63 RichLorn 23 hours ago
Beats bobbing for live crabs.
hrcopter 1 day ago
I was selecting anything apple because I don’t like pumpkin.
UTZAAKE 1 day ago
91% similar; I'm such a bum. (Image by Patrick McDonnell.)
JERRY6 1 day ago
58% ot bad Guess i'm semi abynormal
mdit21 2 days ago
Yes, it's Fall and I'm still waiting for the temperature to go down here in the desert.😊
Rob mdit21 1 day ago
Me too.
Charlotte 2 days ago
66% Love apples, but it's pumpkin, hands down, at the holidays!
Jeffrey 2 days ago
''58% Similar'' 58% Similar to the most popular responses. ---I picked Apple 7 times, and Pumpkin 5 times.
kevopilis 2 days ago
Ok, after the first couple questions, I skipped this quiz. Flavored coffee is disgusting for one thing,
a pumpkin latte will do nicely,
AgingDisgracefully 3 days ago
Tom Brookshier once taught me that these two flavors just plain don't like each other.
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