Poll: How do you like to watch TV?

See how your viewing habits compare to everyone else’s!


Television fans are as varied as the shows they love. Some people like comedies, some like dramas. Some think snacks and TV are the perfect combo but others can't bear the thought of food on the couch. What kind of TV fan are you?

This poll asks about all the ways people watch TV. Pick which answer best applies to you and see what percentage of people made the same choice! Whether you run with the pack or go against the grain, all TV fans share a love for great entertainment.

  1. What size TV screen do you like best?
  2. Where do you sit to watch your favorite shows?
  3. What room do you watch the most TV in?
  4. What time of day you most like to watch TV?
  5. What do you like to eat while you watch TV?
  6. Who do you like to watch TV with?
  7. Who controls the remote?
  8. How high do you like your TV volume?
  9. What kind of TV shows do you like the most?
  10. How many different shows do you like to watch?

Poll: How do you like to watch TV?

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Vharer 37 months ago
I love this channel. Glad it's working in Pheonix ota again
PYBarrs21 42 months ago
Cant watch shows on my phone. How do i get the shows on my phone
JDnHuntsvilleAL 44 months ago
Once again, a not-very-well-thought-out-quiz from the Millennials at MeTV. Example: #3. I _answered_ that I watch TV in the living room, but I don't -- I watch it in my media room, but there's no selection for that. Media room could also be lumped with family room, bonus room, den, whatever. The point is the choices were too restrictive.
DouglasHolste 44 months ago
I still my JVC videosphere (the TV depicted above) purchased in 1972. It was white now turned a bit cream colored. What's missing in the picture is the clear front covering. They are conversation pieces.
KellyShort 44 months ago
Just watching the news it's morning noon and night
Filmnoirfan 44 months ago
93% - way too high to be commendable
stephaniestavropoulos 45 months ago
The Answer Is: Sunday, November 8th, 2020
The Question Is: When did Alex Trebek pass away. Condolences to his family and friends. R.I.P.
John 45 months ago
90% similar. Apparently, MeTV fans are a bunch of solitary, remote-hogging, casually snacking people of specific tastes with day jobs and moderate levels of disposable income.
Moverfan John 44 months ago
But we're happy little couch potatoes, damn it!
Flash4001 45 months ago
I watch when I shut down in my 18 wheeler
UTZAAKE 45 months ago
76% similar. What a terribly high number.
DawnGraham 45 months ago
I watch game shows and cooking shows with my mom. Dramas & movies alone.
jimmyvici 45 months ago
71% similar. Alrighty then. So...what else is on?
FLETCH 45 months ago
Who do you like to watch TV with? Alone - 49%

The majority of us are the same
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