Poll: Do you consider these musical acts to be ''oldies'' music?

Modern streaming services label them "Oldies" — do you?


If you ever want to make yourself feel old (and, really, why would you want to do that?), check out the "Oldies" section of Apple Music or the "Classic Oldies" playlist on Spotify.

The music of our youth is now considered "Oldies." We saw a Ramones song on one of the playlists and nearly had a panic attack. (That sounds like a Ramones song, actually.)

So what is "Oldies" music? Is it a specific sound? Is it simply a chronological classification for any song more than 40 years old? 

The following musical legends are now all classified as Oldies. Do you think of them as Oldies?

  1. Are the Monkees "Oldies" music?
  2. Are the Beatles "Oldies" music?
  3. Is Little Richard "Oldies" music?
  4. Are the Supremes "Oldies" music?
  5. Is Bob Dylan "Oldies" music?
  6. Is Aretha Franklin "Oldies" music?
  7. Are the Doors "Oldies" music?
  8. Is Buddy Holly "Oldies" music?
  9. Is Chuck Berry "Oldies" music?
  10. Are the Rolling Stones "Oldies" music?
  11. Are the Beach Boys "Oldies" music?
  12. Is "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond "Oldies" music?
  13. Is Elvis "Oldies" music?

Poll: Do you consider these musical acts to be ''oldies'' music?

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Marytee 8 months ago
Very uncalled for to refer to Elvis as Fat Elvis. Being mean is never cool. Period.
Martin 53 months ago
I don't know, It's all relative, I guess. I'm hearing Flock of Seagulls and Adam Ant on the Oldies stations, when I used to hear Elvis Presley and the Beatles.
mdit21 53 months ago
Well, according to the Oldies radio station I listen to, all these artists are Oldies (and the Supremes still sound terrific!). Remembering Florence Ballard today, February 22.
Moody 53 months ago
100% similar. I should know, I'm an oldie too!
JDnHuntsvilleAL 53 months ago
Of course these are all "Oldies". Only a Millennial would think otherwise.
Geronimo 53 months ago
That's too easy because all these singers were 50's and 60's legends
JeanInTN 53 months ago
"Fat Elvis..."? Really? Why did you want to be insulting? Elvis' weight fluctuated in the 70s but he wasn't that "fat," and he often still looked great. His voice had matured and was more beautiful than ever. His best music ever is from the 70s albums.
GailAllen JeanInTN 53 months ago
AMEN! Clearly ME TV are NOT Elvis fans. Hate those who reference Elvis's final 2 years as fat Elvis. It's insulting and so disrespectful.
QazWiz GailAllen 53 months ago
i think it would serve MeTV right if ELVIS LEFT THE BUILDING
MaryHelen JeanInTN 53 months ago
I am a big fan of elvis but hey fat is fat-- is it insulting to say a man is bald when he IS bald??
MarkSpeck 53 months ago
81%. The only one I said wasn't oldies was Dylan, because he's still touring. I took the middle ground with both the Stones and the Beach Boys, as the Stones are on tour (though the tix cost a second mortgage), as are the Mike Love-led Beach Boys.

Speaking of the Beach Boys, if you need to hear the songs live, go and see Brian Wilson in concert...the REAL genius behind the music!
MaryHelen MarkSpeck 53 months ago
me too but theur should have been a third choici for bobby--
"the old stuff is."" like others
jpdirisio13 MarkSpeck 53 months ago
I DID see him about a year ago and you're right.
DavidBartholomew 53 months ago
Oh, c'mon!! All of these acts were from the 50s and 60s!! (Except for Diamond). They were Oldies in the 80s
RobertMayer 53 months ago
Once again proving, Rock 'n Roll will never die!!
peacefrog77 53 months ago
79%, but than again I'm a fan of classic rock and new music just sucks so bad.
NVDan 53 months ago
I'm curious why Dylan just has the options of Oldies and Not Oldies and The Rolling Stones has the added option of The early stuff is, The Beach Boys has It depends on Beach Boys era we're talking about, and Elvis (who died in the 70s) has Young Elvis is; Fat Elvis is not. Bob Dylan has released 8 studio albums in the 21st century and has been on the Never Ending Tour since 1988 and has played roughly 100 concerts every year from then until now. If other artists deserve more than just oldies and not oldies surely Bob Dylan does.
MarkSpeck NVDan 53 months ago
I've seen Dylan live six times and that's my limit. My brother will ALWAYS go to see him in concert...he's probably been to 100 Dylan shows! The last couple of times I saw Dylan, two were for free (my brother had an extra ticket to a show in Columbus, and two years after that, Dylan played for free as part of a music festival in the American Eagle Outfitters parking lot in Pittsburgh. The last time I went, he played at the Toledo Zoo...I just had to see it for myself. They have a very nice amphitheater that holds concerts in the Summer).
RickeyMulkey 53 months ago
100% similar
100% similar to the most popular responses. To me all of these are oldies.
booster 53 months ago
100% similar
Hollie booster 53 months ago
then your about 25 to 30 yo
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