Can you match classic TV shows to their syndication titles?

Even TV shows have alter egos.

Back in the day, hit television shows had multiple personalities. The notion of reruns was a fairly new concept in the 1960s. To avoid confusion, networks would retitle shows for their daytime reruns, so viewers would not mistake them for new episodes.

Popular shows made it to syndication, so lots of classics have alternate titles. How well do you know the syndicated titles of classic shows?

See if you can match the TV show to its rerun title — or vice versa. Good luck!

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  1. What did they call daytime reruns of The Andy Griffith Show?
  2. This Western was known as Marshal Dillon in its half-hour reruns.
  3. This show was called Ponderosa in reruns.
  4. Sergeant Bilko is the familiar syndication title for which classic sitcom?
  5. What did they call reruns of Happy Days?
  6. This show was known as Badge 714 in reruns.
  7. What did they call AM reruns of The Beverly Hillbillies?
  8. It is known as Black Sheep Squadron in syndication, but what was Robert Conrad's war series originally called?
  9. What was the syndicated title of The Bob Cummings Show?
  10. This series was known as Major Adams—Trailmaster in syndication.
  11. What was Emergency! called in reruns?
  12. Which series was known as Robert Young, Family Doctor in reruns?

Can you match classic TV shows to their syndication titles?

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DavidBarker 1 day ago
You got 10 out of 12
You sure know your TV reruns!
MrsP58 3 days ago
11/12. And there were, in fact, 12 questions. But they numbered 16. Four of the were ads. Two ads were actually the same question as to whether I would vote for Trump in 2020. That's not a question or an ad, but since it's no secret, that would be a resounding NO!
MrBill 3 days ago
9/12; not too bad - I got all the ones I knew.
Sooner 3 days ago
I've never heard any of these called by those names. Reruns on my TV were always the same name.
MrsP58 Sooner 3 days ago
Same here. And that includes living in Detroit, South Florida, Wyoming and South Florida again. Except "Emergency One!".
Lacey 4 days ago
11/12 I watched a lot of daytime TV in my convalescing youth.
Odd about Black Sheep Squadron and Happy Days. Those were 1970s shows and reruns were not so new by then.
Muleskinner 4 days ago
12/12. I remember getting home from grade school around 330PM and watching Major Adams - Trailmaster.
HopeDuchaine 4 days ago
10/12. I don't remember some of them.
Tom 4 days ago
I sure know my reruns. They gave me the runs.
Edward 4 days ago
Another effortless perfect game.
daDoctah 4 days ago
Actually, the original title of SGT BILKO, aka THE PHIL SILVERS SHOW, was YOU'LL NEVER GET RICH.
MarkSpeck 4 days ago
11 out of 12. Never knew that this happened with Beverly Hillbillies. The others were easy.
Kim 4 days ago
12/12 with several guesses.
Allison 4 days ago
11/12 - not bad - i never heard of these before
jholton30062 4 days ago
Wow! That's a great score! Especially when there were only 12 QUESTIONS!
Lloyd 4 days ago
I was very much disappointed that until yesterday ME-Tv had aired exclusively the Wagon Train episodes with Ward Bond ( Maj. Seth Adams) I watched yesterday's episode that introduced the new wagon master
Chris Hale. Thank You.
Samuel Lloyd 4 days ago
Ward Bond was on WAGON TRAIN for only the first 3 years. He died of a sudden heart attack in November 1960. WAGON TRAIN ran for 6 or 7 more years with John McIntire , so there are at least twice as many episodes with McIntire as there were with Bond. But the show was just never the same without Ward Bond.
MarkSpeck Lloyd 4 days ago
I haven't been keeping up with Wagon Train. Have they shown very many of the John McIntyre episodes? There are several from the later years I want to see.
jpdirisio13 Samuel 3 days ago
Bond......Ward Bond He was the best!
Jon 4 days ago
12/12 I think BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP was renamed BLACK SHEEP SQUADRON while it was still on NBC.
ERROL Jon 4 days ago
YES, when they added all the dolls
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