Pick your favorite hairstyle for each character on The Brady Bunch!

Who is a fan of the Mike Brady perm?

The cast of The Brady Bunch changed a lot between season one and season five. Yes, the children grew older, but everyone’s style also differed. During its time on the air (1969-1974), America had some very, well, unique ideas about what looked good.

Take this survey and pick which hairstyle you like best for each character. See how popular Carol’s mullet or Mike’s perm really are!

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  1. Carol Brady had many different hairstyles. Which of these three is your favorite?
  2. Which is your favorite Mike Brady hairdo?
  3. Which one is the best hair for Greg?
  4. Which is your favorite Marcia hairstyle?
  5. Peter's hair grew longer as he got older. Which one do you think is best?
  6. Which one is the best Jan hairdo?
  7. Bobby's hair also got longer. Which one do you think is best for him?
  8. Which is your favorite Cindy hairstyle?
  9. Alice's hair didn't change that much. Which one do you think is the most "Alice"?

Pick your favorite hairstyle for each character on The Brady Bunch!

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kimmer 4 months ago
65%.....Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!
Dario 4 months ago
61% similar! 👍👍👍👍👍 😁😁😁😁😁
ibslim 4 months ago
How did they come up with 101% in 2????
Diane62 ibslim 4 months ago
They stole it from #3...it's only 99%
daDoctah 4 months ago
They didn't offer us the shot of Jan with the wig she tried out to distance herself from her blonde sisters.

For that matter, no shots of Jan with her iconic granny glasses.
David 4 months ago
All of Cindy's hairdos look terrible!
jvf 4 months ago
Unfortunately, Peter never had a "good" hairstyle and he ended up being the best looking of the three boys.
Tlor 4 months ago
Perms on guys look dumb, both Greg and his father most have gone to the same hair stylist!
David Tlor 4 months ago
They were "motivating" like Skip Farnum told them too!!
TheDavBow3 4 months ago
68%. I'm Lt. Tobias didn't have a perm! 😬
Runeshaper 4 months ago
43% similar - always cool seeing how hairstyles progress with age and the times :)
max 4 months ago
38% Mrs. Brady was the Hot Mom of my time.
Utzaake 4 months ago
35% similar.
2. Picked #3 because Robert Reed looked like retired pitcher Ron Reed (no relation, though both came from the Chicago area).
Yes, he did grow up there. RR's ashes are interred in the Skokie, IL cemetery.
madmark1 4 months ago
One of Cindy’s photos she looks like the Swiss Miss girl. One thing you can say late 60s and early 70s hairstyles were certainly very diverse.And that could be for better or worse some of them look pretty decent then some look very cheesy
That "Swiss Miss" look is the way Susan wanted her hair to look. She had asked for it to be that way earlier, but the "powers that be" wanted to keep making her wear the Anissa Jones, {Buffy, from Family Affair,} look for as long as they could.
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