How well do you know Alice from The Brady Bunch?

It takes a Brady expert to get a bunch of these answers correct.


Really, the Brady family had nine members. The six kids and two parents were just part of the complete picture. What would the bunch have been without Alice?

Television veteran Ann B. Davis played the beloved housekeeper, who is up there with Aunt Bee on the Mount Rushmore of fictional housekeepers.

Alice vacationed with the family, acted in their home movies, and performed in their plays. She also helped raise those kids. Let's pay tribute to Alice Nelson! How well do you remember this character in baby blue?

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  1. Before Mike and Carol married, Alice worked for which parent in their former house?
  2. The love of Alice's life is Sam the Butcher. But what is his last name?
  3. Which sport do Sam and Alice play together?
  4. What is the name of Alice's "identical cousin" who trains the family like a drill sergeant?
  5. In "Alice's September Song," Cindy writes down the name of Alice's former high-school boyfriend. She jots down "Makr Maldrill." What is his actual name?
  6. We learned that Alice went to the same high school that Greg and Marcia attend. What is it called?
  7. In "Jan, the Only Child," Alice and Carol have a contest to see who can make the best…?
  8. Why does Alice break up with Sam in "The Show Must Go On?"
  9. In "The Tattle-Tale," Cindy starts a whole thing when she sees Alice hugging who?
  10. In "The Big Sprain," Alice hurts her ankle when she slips on what?
  11. In "Lost Locket, Found Locket," we learn that Alice was which child in her family?
  12. What did Alice do that messed up a family production of "Snow White"?
  13. When Alice quits, what is the name of the housekeep who replaces her?
  14. When Alice quits, she becomes a waitress. What is the name of the restaurant?

How well do you know Alice from The Brady Bunch?

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Geronimo 2 months ago
How well do you know Alice from The Brady Bunch?
You got 14 out of 14
Gee! That's some impressive Brady brain you got! Maybe you should be in the middle square…

Too easy!
Whitechapel 37 months ago
14/14 I can ace any BB quiz as my family is the biggest fan of the show. We love everything about it!
Dario 38 months ago
11 out of 14. 😁😁😁😁😁
snifferdog 46 months ago
12 out of 14
I missed both seven & eight.
JERRY6 49 months ago
8 of 14 neer watch the show so better tanexpected
BillsDaughter 50 months ago
I think Alice was my favorite character. She was the most quirky and the most insightful at the same time. She best expressed emotion too. After all these years, it only come to me now. 😁
Debbie 50 months ago
You got 14 out of 14

Gee! That's some impressive Brady brain you got! Maybe you should be in the middle square
Toddmick 51 months ago
Actually Cindy misspelling the name (and also VTOE FRO MRAICA was because Susan Olsen had dyslexia
SheriHeffner Todd 24 months ago
I never knew that. And poor Susan also suffered from.Migrane headaches even as a little girl.
bradyguy Toddmick 18 months ago
Well...Susan Olsen is an actress and Cindy Brady is a not... More likely, that's what the script said...
frenchman71 51 months ago
12/14. One thing about Ann B. Davis...she was always a team player on the show. When the Bradys did their variety hour in 1976, in the debut show the whole cast was onstage to do their next number. An argument breaks out among the cast and who comes out on stage to break it up? Alice...the crowd went nuts. She also has a twin sister and I thought she would play the part of cousin Emma -the army sergeant in that episode. But Ann played her.
RedSamRackham frenchman71 47 months ago
* On an episode of I've Got A Secret Ann & substitute host Henry Morgan were on roller skates and would skate behind a screen between panel questions. The secret was that half of the time she traded places with her twin sister. ☺
Thefarmgal64 51 months ago
I have the entire series on DVD format at home and watch it every weekend as well!!!!
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