Pick: Who is your favorite member of these 1960s rock bands?

Who is your favorite Beatle, Beach Boy and Stone?


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The 1960s defined an era of music that still resonates will people all over the world. Whether you're into folk, pop or something louder — the rock music of the 1960s had something for everyone.

Here are 15 bands from that groovy decade. Pick your favorite member of each group and see if yours is the most popular choice!

  1. Who is your favorite Beatle?
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  2. Who is your favorite member of The Beach Boys?
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  3. Which Everly brother do you like more?
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  4. Which Monkee is your favorite?
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  5. Who is your favorite member of Pink Floyd?
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  6. Who do you like most in the 1960s Bee Gees?
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  7. Who is your favorite member of Led Zeppelin?
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  8. Who do you like in The Mamas and the Papas?
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  9. Do you like Peter, Paul or Mary?
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  10. What about Crosby, Stills & Nash?
    Image: Atlantic Records
  11. Do you like Simon or Garfunkel more?
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  12. Who is your favorite of these sixties Rolling Stones?
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  13. Who is your favorite member of The Kinks?
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  14. Who is your favorite in The Who?
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  15. Which member of The Doors do you like the most?
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Pick: Who is your favorite member of these 1960s rock bands?

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JERRY6 41 months ago
42 percent similar , i'm an odd one when it comes to music
TLMEAYS 42 months ago
John Bonham best drummer ever. Zeppelin best band
Lilly777 46 months ago
68 % similar. I don't care what anyone says Garfunkle is way superior to Simon.
savoycheer 48 months ago
45 % similar. Okay with me. Of the three (3) guitarists the Stones have had over the years, my favorite is still Brian Jones. It's too bad his death was so young and tragic. Nobody will ever know the complete truth about his death. However, the music he helped create with his fellow Stones will always be remembered.
TelevideoAmerica 48 months ago
I met Davy Jones once, but Mike is my favorite Monkee. I tended to vote for the most musically influential in the acts, like John Phillips, Roger Waters, Pete Townshend and Charlie Watts.
mdit21 49 months ago
Enlightening quiz.

(On a side note and in the subject of music, I'm remembering Florence Ballard on what would have been her 77th birthday.)
savoycheer mdit21 48 months ago
Nice to know Florence is still remembered these days. Flo had a beautiful voice and shared it with all of us. Thanks Florence, we still love you.
Flash4001 49 months ago
I am a Bassist and I noticed alot like Guitar or Frontman more. As Murderface said; BASS IS THE FOUNDATION OF THE BAND!!!!!
jimmyvici 49 months ago
66%. Did anyone pick Ringo?!?! 🤣
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Shannon jimmyvici 49 months ago
Meee I did! He's amazing, I went to see him play with his bad in September, 2018!
Epsdel jimmyvici 49 months ago
I wanted Peat Best.
JERRY6 jimmyvici 41 months ago
luckiest "drummer" in the world
jimmyvici 37 months ago
This comment has been removed.
pinkstorm 49 months ago
My first born daughter is named Michelle due to the Beatles song, She just turned 50 😳
MaryAnn pinkstorm 49 months ago
My husband gave our youngest daughter the middle name Michelle due to the Beatles song. She’s only 17. 😬
LucyImHome1951 49 months ago
As crazy as it is. Ringo is my favorite. Hey, drums players stick together! My favorite Monkees is Michael Nesmith. He is amazing. He help launched the career of Linda Ronstadt, pretty much started country rock music and made the FIRST music video. Although all the Monkees are great! #BringBackTheMonkees
Barry22 LucyImHome1951 49 months ago
So did I. I have a great double CD of his that pretty much covers his career.
TheDavBow3 49 months ago
3 of my favorite '60s bands only have 2 members left - The Beatles, The Monkees and The Dave Clark 5. Hard to believe 😥.
daDoctah TheDavBow3 49 months ago
The second Beatle to die was also the second Travelling Wilbury to die.
LucyImHome1951 TheDavBow3 49 months ago
Sorry, just reread my comment. I did not mean to say nice job to you. Meant to comment that to another guy. I feel your pain. A lot of my favorite have at least two members gone too. They still live on though the music.
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