Pick: Who is your favorite Dracula?

Which actor defines the role for you?

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Since Bram Stoker published his gothic novel in 1897, the iconic vampire Count Dracula has been brought to life countless times. For many people, Bela Lugosi plays the one true iteration of the character but others prefer a more updated version.

Maybe you like one that is closer to the original book? Or perhaps you prefer a funny version of Dracula? Now is your chance to make your opinion known. Choose which Dracula is your absolute favorite and see if your taste matches everyone else!

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  1. Who is your favorite Dracula?

Pick: Who is your favorite Dracula?

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stinkshorts 18 days ago
What about Eddie Murphy in “Vampire in Brooklyn”?
Mob39 1 month ago
100% similar

100% similar to the most popular responses
CrowTServo 2 months ago
I grew up watching Frank Langella & Christopher Lee as Dracula. Had such a crush on ‘em. Gary Oldman was quite alluring as well but lacked the classy camp of the others.
dingopossum 2 months ago
hands down 2thumbs up Christopher lee was the very best at playing count dracula..bela lugosi couldn't hold a candle to the acting Lee did as portraying the evil vampire that was out for blood...bela should have been a shoe salesman.....
trogg888 2 months ago
bela was great but lee was scarier an frank was great
III6III6III6III 2 months ago
Gary Oldman;
IT IS NO LAUGHING MATTER!!! We Draculs have a right to be proud, what devil or rich what ever so great as a killer whose blood flows through these veins. Blood, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! The best lines ever written into a script for the character of Dracula.
denny 2 months ago
I'll have to say my favorite vampire movie is Fright Night 1985, and the remake from 2012. Both are great and different enough from one another.. Bela best Dracula, just the 1st one that I remember as a kid, and you never forget the 1st one.
JHP 3 months ago
Bela by far - all those color horror movies were just that - (YUK)
AnnieM 3 months ago
I had to pick George Hamilton - "Love At First Bite" was one of my favorite movies as a kid.
Lilly777 3 months ago
Christopher Lee!!! Bella may have been the first, but he was a lousy actor. Lee brought pure menace, horror, yet magnetism. The perfect Dracula.
Bob 3 months ago
No Jud Hirsch from "The Night Dracula Saved the World"?
MichaelSkaggs 3 months ago
Lon Chaney, Jr. for "Son Of Dracula" (Oh, sorry. "Count Alucard" ). However, it was more for the movie rather than for Chaney. He was badly miscast. A better Dracula would have been Basil Rathbone. He had been in "Son of Frankenstein", and was under contract to Universal Studio at the time. Chaney's looks and voice were just all wrong. "Put it out, will ya", was the line that confirmed the miscasting. It had a very good ending. The director was Robert Siodmak and four years later he would win an Oscar nomination for directing the 1946 film, "The Killers", confirming that once in a while a smaller film studio could draw the fifth ace.
frenchman71 3 months ago
I can name a couple more that weren't name "Dracula" but were very convincing vampires. Reggie Nalder who played one of the scariest vampires in "Salem's Lot" from 1979 and Jonathan Frid who played Barnabas Collins in the gothic-soap "Dark Shadows".
Filmnoirfan 3 months ago
Would have expected Lugosi to rate higher than 56 percent, considering he virtually defined the role on stage and in the 1931 classic. Max Schreck from the 1922 silent classic, "Nosferatu" was even scarier, but technically his character was not named Dracula so he did not make the list. Carradine was very good in a number of roles and merits respect for several performances in various genres.
michelvis3 3 months ago
Bella is my fav but Frank Langella would come a close 2nd.
denny michelvis3 2 months ago
I read Frank's book, he'd be the first to tell you he's the best. Guy is really full of himself.
dictracy 3 months ago
Left out Gary Oldman
denny dictracy 2 months ago
He's on the list.
dictracy 3 months ago
Love universal monsters!!! Lugosi will always be the one and only Dracula
CaptainDunsel 3 months ago
"What was that maniac drinking? My mouth tastes like the Volga at low tide."
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