Do you remember who sang these favorite Halloween songs?

Who were the artists behind "Monster Mash" and "Purple People Eater"?

It's impossible to go to a Halloween party without hearing one of these tunes — if not all of them! 

They are the go-to tracks for any spooky mixtape. If you're not playing the creepy sound effects. But do you remember who sang them?

The quiz gets harder as you go along. At least we think so! Try to ace it!

  1. "Thriller"
  2. "Werewolves of London"
  3. "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"
  4. "(Don't Fear) The Reaper"
  5. "Ghostbusters"
  6. "Bad Moon Rising"
  7. "Monster Mash"
  8. "Black Magic Woman"
  9. "Dead Man's Party"
  10. This Rawhide actor sang "Purple People Eater"

Do you remember who sang these favorite Halloween songs?

Your Result...

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Mike 8 months ago
10/10 Finally !!! They can't get me on a music quiz.. :)
Peter_Falk_Fan 13 months ago
10/10 I guessed right on #9. I have never heard of the song "Dead Man's Party".
Tresix 15 months ago
10/10. I have some of those songs on my phone.
CrowTServo 19 months ago
9/10. Got chomped by the purple people eater.
frances3agape 20 months ago
only 7 of 10
the hard ones that I missed
No 2 - Werewolves of London – heard the name, don’t recall the lyrics or tune
No 4 - "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" – never heard of
No 9 - "Dead Man's Party" – never heard of either

RIP Charlie Daniels
Tresix frances3agape 15 months ago
“The Reaper” is heard in both versions of “Halloween” and at the beginning of the original version of “The Stand”.

“Owoooo, werewolves of London. Owoooooo”

Oingo Boingo gave us Danny Elfman, the composer who usually works with Tim Burton and did the “Simpsons” theme.
frances3agape Tresix 14 months ago
THANKS Tresix !
OK, have heard "The Reaper", just didn't realize the title
Still no clue on "Oingo Boingo" but know and like Elfman's other stuff
Sorry to long checking email notice. Took a break cause I was spending wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too much time reading/posting instead of doing Spring Cleaning !
DerekBird 20 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Did you mash this quiz… or was it too much of a monster?

The most difficult one was The Oingo Boingo because I've never heard of that song, but I guessed right anyway.
RobertK 20 months ago
9 of 10. I would have made it if I guessed right. I never heard of that "Dead Mans Party" song... That's OK though, Trick or Treat just ended here and a lot of candy left this year! I'm going to "treat" myself to some leftovers, Mwa Ha Ha (evil laugh)!
MarkSpeck RobertK 20 months ago
If you've ever seen the Rodney Dangerfield movie Back to School, "Dead Man's Party" is played during the frat party scene.
RobertK MarkSpeck 20 months ago
Thanks for the tip! I'll have to watch the movie again and pay attention, it's been a long time...
boogerdogger 20 months ago
Oingo Boingo?
Really? No wonder I missed it.
Check out Screaming Jay's "I Put a Spell on You" Multiple videos on youtube by the original writer.
Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kevopilis 20 months ago
I am bad a** aced it. There are so many other cool monster songs.
moax429 20 months ago
Missed #9. I never heard that one.

But I *do* have #s 1 and 7 on CD ("Thriller" and "Chronicle," respectively) and #s 3, 9, and 10 on vinyl 45s. ("Purple People Eater" was marked as stereo - it was a reissue - but played *mono.* Boo-hiss!)
David 20 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
Did you mash this quiz… or was it too much of a monster? I missed #9
wbyassee 20 months ago
6 out of 10. Would have got them all if the screen hadn't jumped for the freakin ads loading. I am so tired of getting beat to death with these GD ads.
frances3agape wbyassee 20 months ago
so infuriating when that happens
and it is usually on the ones that we actually KNOW
Diz 20 months ago
Do yourself a favor and check out "It's Halloween" by The Shaggs.
RobertK Diz 20 months ago
Oh man, That's a Halloween tradition in our house! The first time I played it, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. We laughed ourselves silly! What a train wreck!!
harlow1313 Diz 15 months ago
You are my pal, Diz. May I call you Foot Foot?
KellyTenace 20 months ago
10 out of 10. I'm as amazed as you are.
SpaceToast 20 months ago
10/10 (a rare thing for me) so I guess I mashed it.

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