How well do you remember the haunted house episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show?

Do you know all the spooks in this hilarious ghost story?

Many classic shows slipped in scary episodes every once in a while. Some were downright creepy (like on The Waltons) while others were spooky in a lighthearted way. 

One great example of the latter is "The Ghost of A. Chantz" from The Dick Van Dyke Show. It breaks away from the show's normal settings, putting the characters in a remote haunted cabin in the mountains.

See how much you remember about this classic episode. There’s nothing to be scared of in this quiz…unless you don't want the ending spoiled!

See "The Ghost of A. Chantz" on Sunday, October 25, at 11PM | 10C as part of Scream with Me!

  1. When Buddy, Sally, Rob and Laura first arrive at the lodge, Rob calls it a retreat – to which Sally jokes that…
  2. Why did they all come up to the mountains in the first place?
  3. Who forgot to reserve rooms at the lodge?
  4. The hotel clerk tells the story of Mr. A. Chantz, who went missing after staying in a cabin by the lake. What is Chantz’s first name?
  5. The caretaker scares Rob and Buddy when he appears at the door bringing what?
  6. What’s the first creepy thing that happens in the cabin?
  7. What spooky occurrence prevents Buddy and Rob from going to sleep?
  8. What’s the first thing that scares Laura?
  9. Sally compares their situation to a movie and says all that is missing is which horror icon?
  10. After the phone goes dead, Rob, Laura, Buddy and Sally all huddle together…
  11. Who is the first person to get dragged away?
  12. Who is the last one left alone in the cabin?
  13. What is the reveal at the end of the episode?

How well do you remember the haunted house episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show?

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JERRY6 20 months ago
10 of 13 not bad guess i was spooked
Muleskinner 25 months ago
13/13. The best episode of the show.
johnnypatio 28 months ago
13 out of 13. I love this show, look forward to it every night. One of my favorite episodes with the walnut one and that unny utzz one about the flying saucer! Thanks METV.

JHP 29 months ago
Well to the world :) Got to beat my chest 13\13

damn I'm good - just watched the recording of it last night WOO-HOO!

one of fav EPs
MichaelSkaggs 29 months ago
Got them all. It's one of my favorite episodes.
dodgebob 30 months ago
5/13, Having a bad memory has It's advantages, I just can't remember what they are!
JDnHuntsvilleAL 31 months ago
3. Who forgot to reserve rooms at the lodge? - Mel.

Technically, TECHNICALLY, that answer is wrong. Mel did NOT "forget" to reserve rooms at the lodge -- he PURPOSELY did not reserve the rooms so Rob and gang would have to stay at the previously rigged cabin.
dodgebob JDnHuntsvilleAL 30 months ago
Do you know a Jim Cook?
JDnHuntsvilleAL dodgebob 27 months ago
No. I know a Jim Service though.
goldwing48 31 months ago
That must be the ONLY episode of the Dick Van Duke show i never saw...Wow!
JDnHuntsvilleAL goldwing48 31 months ago
You missed a great one. Here you go:
RosalindLeeWheeler 31 months ago
13/13 I really enjoy watching the Dick Van Dyke Show.
frances3agape 31 months ago
12 of 13
This is one of my faves, along with the walnut/alien one and the one where Rob thinks they brought the wrong baby home from the hospital
jschliclbernd9 31 months ago
12/13 did you solve this quiz or were you spooked.
lynngdance 31 months ago
The fact that I’ve seen every episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show like 100 times helps a little bit LOL
goldwing48 lynngdance 31 months ago
Never saw it. I can't believe it...
Filmnoirfan 31 months ago
4/13 - Never realized there was a Halloween episode of Dick Van Dyke Show
JHP 31 months ago
13-13 (Alan Brady "oh happy days" :)) I absolutely love that ep

my favs are _ curious thing about women

coast to coast big mouth

it may look like a walnut

the necklace one - where rob buys one for Laura -carlotta necklace

impractical joke (so damn funny)

the one where buddy wants a new job and sally and rob hire this guy and he insults Mel - Jackie Brew Brew

RCampanini 31 months ago
Haha just happened to watch it last night! Spooky huh?
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