Pick: Which characters would you kick off these classic TV casts?

It's like Survivor, but with Gilligan's Island, M*A*S*H and more!

You can't have a great sitcom without a great cast, and we think classic TV's got all the best characters.

At the same time, we recognize that taste in TV is subjective and some folks would've enjoyed even the most popular sitcoms if they'd left off one or two characters.

Want to see how your taste in TV characters stacks up to everyone else's? Take the survey below, and try to decide which classic characters you could do without. 

So many tough choices! Good luck!
  1. 'M*A*S*H' attracted more than 100 million viewers to watch its season finale. Which cast member would you have kicked off if you had to?
  2. When 'Gilligan's Island' premiered, people flooded the studio with genuine calls to rescue the cast. Which character (or characters) could you have enjoyed the show without?
  3. When ALF invaded the Tanner family's garage, he was so popular, the show won a People's Choice Award for Favorite New Comedy TV Program. Which Tanner family member do you think the show have done just fine without?
  4. 'Cheers' was such a huge hit, it stuck in Nielsen's Top 10 shows for eight consecutive seasons. Which 'Cheers' bar employee do you think could've been kicked off without disrupting the magic?
  5. In its third season, 'The Facts of Life' became NBC's No. 1 most popular comedy show. Which of the girls do you think the show could've done without?
  6. 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' won 29 Emmy Awards, holding the record of winning the most of any show until 2002. Which main cast member do you think wasn't completely necessary to that success?
  7. TV Guide named 'Taxi' among the 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time. Which cast member do you think could've hit the road?
  8. Last question asks the impossible. It's said that since it started running in syndication, not a day goes by that 'The Brady Bunch' doesn't air somewhere. Which kid do you think 'The Brady Bunch' could have spared?

Pick: Which characters would you kick off these classic TV casts?

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DannyS 32 months ago
12% of people think "ALF" would have done just fine without ALF? How would the show be possible without him?
DerekBird 32 months ago
You got 70% similar
You got 70% similar to the most popular responses
Snickers 33 months ago
96% similar. I would have gotten rid of Bobby over Cindy.
ndebrabant 64 months ago

You got 71% similar
You got 71% similar to the most popular responses
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