Which of these TV characters does not belong?

Can you spot the face from another show?

The best TV shows have big ensemble casts. That being said, sometimes with all the overstuffed casts and late-season character changes, it can be hard to remember everyone. 

You may find yourself asking, "Was that one guy on The Andy Griffith Show or a spin-off?" Or, "Which sitcom was it that added the blond kid near the end?"

Well, let's see if you can recall who really belongs on each of the following shows. Pick the face that does NOT belong. Good luck!

  1. Which of these people was NOT on 'Cheers'?
  2. Which of the follow people was NOT on 'The Brady Bunch'?
  3. Which of the following people was NOT on 'Happy Days'?
  4. Which of the following people was NOT on 'The Andy Griffith Show'?
  5. Which of these military men was NOT on 'Hogan's Heroes'?
  6. Okay here's another military sitcom. Who does NOT belong on 'M*A*S*H'?
  7. Okay, now we're heading out to sea. Who does NOT belong aboard 'The Love Boat'?
  8. Which one of these faces was NOT on 'Mama's Family'?
  9. Here's a fact of life: One of these people does NOT belong on 'The Facts of Life.'
  10. Finally, which one of these villains was NOT a baddie on 'Batman'?
Which of these TV characters does not belong?

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