Which brands used these commercial mascots back in the day?

Tigers and bears and birds, oh my!

Meet Bulby! He's the official mascot of this quiz. Because hopefully a light bulb will turn on above your head once you see the mascots below. These cartoon animals, aliens, men and magical creatures pitched popular brands back in the day. 

Try to match the product with the face! Good luck!
  1. Q: Which food product had this cute alien? A:
  2. What would Speedy rush to help you with?
  3. Okay, how about Speedee?
  4. The toothy Bucky Beaver pitched which product?
  5. Recognize this mermaid?
  6. Beloved TV star William Schallert voiced Milton the Toaster for which brand?
  7. Which soda is this kid pushing?
  8. What is this bunny drinking?
  9. What would Marky here eat by the spoonful?
  10. What would this fella be sellin'?
  11. How about this bygone mascot?
  12. Yipes was a colorful zebra.
  13. How about these stripes?
  14. What is Fresh Up Freddie here holding in his hand?
  15. This cartoon bear was all over TV once upon a time.

Which brands used these commercial mascots back in the day?

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ShadeofJeremy 1 month ago
Well, of course I wouldn't know a beer mascot. All the rest...well maybe I know a little too much about this kind of thing.
Kergooliewyn 1 month ago
9/15 Ashamed at the ones I got wrong. Surprised at the ones I got right.
ClassicTVnut 1 month ago
13/15 had to guess on some. Most I remembered.
AnnieM 3 months ago
Without the movie 'Grease', I'd know nothing about Ipana Toothpaste & Bucky Beaver!
VBartilucci 5 months ago
Hadn't they already got rid of the tiger by the time Esso switched to Exxon?
ShurfieLynn 7 months ago
So I missed a few oh well some were before my time.
Natureknight 7 months ago
#13, that tiger was originally the mascot to Esso, which changed to Exxon.

DerekBird 7 months ago
You got 12 out of 15
Aced it! Bulby says, "What a strong memory you have!"
TonyClifton 7 months ago
I wasn't even thrown by one of those. I loved the commercials as a kid! 15/15
bugalito 8 months ago
8 and some of those were guesses
Snickers 9 months ago
14 out of 15. Loved my bowl of Quisp cereal while I watched Saturday morning cartoons
DerekBird 11 months ago
You got 14 out of 15
Aced it! Bulby says, "What a strong memory you have!"

Missed #15. I'd never have heard of Hamm's if it wasn't for American Pickers. That doesn't mean I remember their Bear Mascot.
bugalito DerekBird 8 months ago
"Haams pure refreshing, Haams pure refreshing, Haaaaaams" Not only a catchy jingle but some of their light up and motorized advertising bar signs were quite amazing
Peter_Falk_Fan 12 months ago
14/15 I did not know #9. I forgot all about Milton the Toaster.
DylanSelf 15 months ago
I heard about Speedy (Alka-Seltzer) on M*A*S*H
John111911Smith 15 months ago
14/15. Bulby said I aced it, but I don't deserve the credit. 🤫 Missed #3...I know, I know.
Dario 16 months ago
A PERFECT 15!!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁
dmagoon 21 months ago
Who did the animation for the Hamm's beer commercial?
dmagoon dmagoon 21 months ago
It looks a bit like Paramount Famous Studios' animation.
LynCarceo 21 months ago
10 out of 15. Only remembered ever seeing a couple, so I guessed the others.
ClayRogers 22 months ago
When the Tiger first appeared it was for ESSO. I had an old newspaper from the 40's that had him.
Dario ClayRogers 16 months ago
It became Exxon at the very beginning of 1973; in late 1972, Esso made commercials announcing the name change in '73.
Tim ClayRogers 16 months ago
Esso and Enco both.
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