Which Carol Burnett Show character are you?

Are you more like Mama Harper or Mrs. Wiggins?

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There’s no shortage of personalities on The Carol Burnett Show, and we don’t just mean the guest stars! There’s the glamorous Mae East, the ornery Mama Harper, the ditzy Mrs. Wiggins, the devastatingly good-looking Hugh Handsome and many more!

Do you see an exaggerated version of yourself in any of these characters? We’ve developed this quiz to match your personality with a hilarious Carol Burnett Show character. Answer these ten questions and see who you get!

  1. What kind of clothing do you like the most?
  2. If someone asks you for a favor, how do you respond?
  3. What is your favorite item on the diner menu?
  4. In the movie about your life, what type of actor should play you?
  5. If you could be the best in the world at one talent, which would it be?
  6. Which wild animal would you have as a pet?
  7. If you’re not in a rush, what is your preferred method of travel?
  8. In my family, I am the…
  9. If you got a brand-new sports car, what flashy color would you paint it?
  10. What kind of candy do you like the most?

Which Carol Burnett Show character are you?

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MagicAllie 1 day ago
I had a feeling I’d be Mrs Wiggins 😆
gockionni 1 day ago
Oh good grief, I’m Mrs. Wiggins 👀
James9 1 month ago
I got Duane Toddleberry/,Tim Conway. I'm good with that!
PulsarStargrave 21 months ago
I got Old Man Duane and I wish I could say they got it wrong...
annabelgoddard 23 months ago
I got mama before, but now:
You are fireside girl Alice Portnoy!
Tresix 27 months ago
I got Mrs. Wiggins. The line about the Farrah Fawcett hair really made me laugh since I’m bald!
L 28 months ago
Is the word "Snippy" in your vocabulary?

Mama Harper.

7) I'd pick any of them. I chose monkey, a practical choice. About the only animal that you REALLY can't have is a tiger. The others, depending where you are...and if you have the time, space and money, the others are at least remotely possible.
dekane54 28 months ago
I can't believe they came up with Hugh Handsome! I didn't say I was the handsomest in my family, I am more funny than that. Oh well
Giggity 28 months ago
Duane Toddleberry... I get it..
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