Only a true Trekkie can get 10/10 on this Star Trek fan quiz

Put your Star Trek trivia knowledge to the test!


Thanks to MeTV fan Christopher Seeley from Killeen, Texas, for submitting this quiz! Do you have a great idea for a quiz? Share it with us!

The original Star Trek, arguably the most iconic science fiction show ever to grace the small screen, premiered 54 years ago this month. And its legacy only continues to grow! New spinoffs are still being created and more fans are discovering the series that started it all.

How well do you know Gene Roddenberry's initial sixties space adventure? Test your Trek trivia knowledge below!

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  1. Which episode premiered September 8th, 1966?
  2. Which cast member was in both "The Cage" and "Where No Man Has Gone Before"?
  3. Mark Leonard played the Vulcan Ambassador (and Spock's father) Sarek and what other character in Original Star Trek?
  4. William Campbell had two roles in the Original Star Trek, that of Trelane and which Klingon?
  5. Which of the following was one of Lt. Sulu's hobbies?
  6. Captain Kirk's Corbomite bluff worked in "The Corbomite Maneuver" and what other episode?
  7. Who designed the original Starship Enterprise?
  8. What does the NCC in the Starship Enterprise's registry NCC-1701 stand for?
  9. Which song did Lt. Uhura mainly sing?
  10. In which star system did the Starship Constellation discover the planet killer?

Only a true Trekkie can get 10/10 on this Star Trek fan quiz

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Trekable 28 months ago
6-10 new trekker here but its understandable.
Mike 31 months ago
5/10 and thought this would be a breeze. I grew up with Star Trek, never missed an episode.
DIGGER1 37 months ago
Only a true Trekkie can get 10/10 on this Star Trek fan quiz
You got 9 out of 10
That result would make anyone smile. Great job!
rycki1138 43 months ago
10 out of 10
That result would make anyone smile.
MrDbutler69 43 months ago
7/10. I'm a big Trek fan, but this was a tough quiz.
erilaz 44 months ago
I've seen every episode multiple times, but I still only got 5 out of 10. The ones that tripped me up were mainly things that would require additional research, rather than just watching the show: which episode premiered on this date, who designed the Enterprise, what does NCC stand for, etc.
pjones4023 44 months ago
8/10...#3 - It's Mark Lenard, not Mark Leonard.
Hogansucks1 44 months ago
10 out of 10 - (Fascinating) 🖖
Filmnoirfan 44 months ago
3/10 - need to watch a few more episodes
country46 Filmnoirfan 33 months ago
don't feel bad I got 2 out of 10 I know i'm knuckle head
Cindy 44 months ago
10/10 this was a good quiz really made me think
frank 44 months ago
You know, I watch star trek almost every day but there are 3 episodes that I refuse to watch! First is Charlie x. Charlie looks like he has encephalitis! I mean his head is huge!. 2 is spock's brain! No comment necessary! And 3 is the one about the space hippies! Can you believe that one?
erilaz frank 44 months ago
"The Way to Eden" is one of my favorites! It's just so ridiculous! Grab your Vulcan harps and bicycle wheels and sing along! "Stiff man puttin' my mind in jail, and the judge bang the gavel and say 'No bail!'"

Another silly Season 3 episode that I always watch when I get the chance is "The Omega Glory". "Freedom? That is a worship word, Yang worship. You will not speak it!"
frank erilaz 44 months ago
Oh wow, you are sick! You even remember the words to those hippy songs! I watched the way to eden after reading your posts and had a really good laugh. Thanks
frenchman71 erilaz 39 months ago
"I'm gonna crack my knuckles and jump for joy. I gotta clean bill of health from Dr McCoy."
frank 44 months ago
5 out of 10 on star trek quiz, well I'll blame it on the beer! Thanks for that quiz whoever's sent it in, it was a good one!
daDoctah 44 months ago
Got 5/10, including the last one where I just picked an answer at random.

Some of these were right up there with questions like the combination to the safe in Kirk's quarters. Questions that triggered him to respond "GET A LIFE!"
scp 44 months ago
8 out of 10 and I cheated a bit on two of them. That was a hard quiz.
FrankCollins 44 months ago
Lately some of your trivia quizzes, like this one, should be titled, "Trivia that no one should ever care about, or bother to remember."
RoberttheWallace 44 months ago
I'm chagrined big-time--Nichelle Nichols sang " Beyond Antares " on episodes: " The Conscience Of The King " and " The Changeling "; NOT " Charlie X " { although it, as well as the other two mentioned, was--and were--Super episode( s )!
RoberttheWallace 44 months ago
9/10--Very, Very Excellent trivia; my BAD, I neglected to remember beautiful Nichele Nichols singing " Beyond Antares " in that excellent episode: " Charlie X " with Robert. Walker Jr. Forgive me Lt. Uhura! ! !
Lacey 44 months ago
I never knew what NCC stood for.
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