Can you match these carnivals to the right TV show?

Try to place these roller coasters, festivals and fun houses.


Carnivals and traveling shows have been a part of American life for centuries. They're fun, hectic — and sometimes downright creepy.

Given all these traits, it's no surprise that fairs and festivals have been used in all kinds of television shows. Characters can have a good time in sitcoms or have a truly eerie experience in dramas (and we're not just talking about a certain anthology series in the fifth dimension).

Can you guess what show these 12 carnival scenes are from?

  1. What show is this Ferris wheel from?
  2. Looks like this ride is a little too much! What show is this from?
  3. This makeshift festival had a kissing booth on which show?
  4. What show was this giant slide on?
  5. What show are these out-of-this-world circus performers from?
  6. Speaking of circus performers, Ken Curtis played one on which show?
  7. These suspicious characters worked at a carnival on which show?
  8. On this show, the characters try to climb a greased pole at a street festival.
  9. These kids go to a carnival on which show?
  10. These two CIA agents meet at a carnival in which mystery series?
  11. These circus performers come to town in an episode of which western?
  12. This "Fun House" looks anything but on which thriller series?

Can you match these carnivals to the right TV show?

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Pacificsun 42 months ago
They should've used a scene from The Wild Wild West too. I sure miss that show on MeTV.
EllisClevenger 42 months ago
You got 11 out of 12
Could you find your way through the maze and mirrors in this quiz?
Missed #11
Pacificsun 46 months ago
#10 Ahhh, the guy on the left looks like Patrick McGoohan and the other guy looks like Leslie Nielsen.
kevdog1956 46 months ago
I like to see shows like Man from Uncle girl from Uncle six million Dollar Man shows like that are you planning on erring any of them like that in your future
hermanstein2015 46 months ago
I got 9 out of 12 I could kick myself for not realizing that was Gilbert and the Beav. But not too bad in the end.
Wenatchee7 46 months ago
12/12 my guessing is getting better.
frenchman71 46 months ago
10/12. A lot were guesses. #11 I would've thought was "The Rifleman". I can't see a circus coming to town on "Gunsmoke".
trogg888 46 months ago
that one with festus in it looked like a creepy twilight zone episode to me.ken curtis really got around i remember seeing him playing a ladies man on one of those old westerns.really good actor
GregLemieux 46 months ago
12/12. Had to guess on #11, but guessed right.
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