Match these outrageous haircuts to the correct '80s new-wave bands

That's a whole lot of Aqua Net.

When it came to '80s pop music, it was all about the hair. Unless you were Phil Collins or that guy in Midnight Oil. Like, there was band called Haircut 100 and an entire genre dubbed Hair Metal. Aqua Net mattered as much as the amps.

What's amazing is the variety of big hair. It was a marvelous menagerie of styles. Each new-wave act had its trademark look.

You probably associate the bands as much with their haircuts as their hits. Let's see if you can identify these popular acts from the Eighties!
  1. When they wrote "Lovesong" maybe it was for their stylist.
     Image: Rhino / YouTube
  2. These Georgians brought back the beehive.
     Image: Rhino / YouTube
  3. Did "Chameleon" refer to the many colors of his hair?
     Image: YouTube
  4. "I Ran" must have been about rushing to the salon.
  5. They knew that "Everything Counts," especially your look.
     Image: WMG / YouTube
  6. "Lips Like Sugar." Hair like licorice?
     Image: Rhino / YouTube
  7. These Brits were hardly "Too Shy" when it came to their haircuts.
     Image: Rhino / YouTube
  8. When they shouted "Doctor! Doctor!" it was probably not for a hair emergency.
     Image: UMG / YouTube
  9. "You Spin Me Round" — an ode to a curling iron?
  10. Their hits "Love Missile F1-11" and "21st Century Boy" almost reached as high on the charts as their hair.
     Image: YouTube

Match these outrageous haircuts to the correct '80s new-wave bands

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AnnaRentzVandenhazel 26 months ago
Funny - I guessed on 3 of them because I'd never heard of the song or any of the bands listed.
francolaguna1 43 months ago
100% "No other Val Dude could touch me!"
Lilly777 45 months ago
I got 10 out of 10, and yes I recognized every band.
TomTerrrific 59 months ago
5/10. Never heard of most of these. The 80's was definitely not my decade for music.
thedude1500 59 months ago
10/10 The ones I didn't know right away, I was able to get from the clues. I worked for a college radio station in the 80s, so I was well versed with the alternate scene.
Cynthia 59 months ago
Ten out of ten. The 80s were my jam.
Edward 59 months ago
Perfect score. Missed 'em all.
UnicornPrincess 59 months ago
3/10! That's terrible! And I love 80's music!
anthony 59 months ago
4/12.Thought I would do better.These were pretty obscure though.There were more well known "Big hair" bands in the 80's that weren't mentioned.
How did you get 4/12? There were only 10 questions. 😀
BrownieMom 59 months ago
Darn good for someone who didn't pay attention to the 80s bands.

You got 7 out of 10
Don't feel too sad. At least you looked fabulous. Better luck next time.
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