Can you finish the lyrics to this famous Frank Sinatra song?

Can you sing along to "Strangers in the Night"?

Image: Reprise Records, Warner Records 

Everybody has a fond memory of some Frank Sinatra song or another. With so many hits under one fedora, how can you pick just one to sing in the car? On this day in 1966, Sinatra's album Strangers in the Night hit the No. 1 spot on the U.S. charts. Following this Billboard success, the album went on to win a Grammy for Album of the Year, as well as a Grammy for the Best Male Performance. 

In a review posted on July 23, 2016, The Wall Street Journal wrote, "Fifty years later, the popularity of the 'Strangers in the Night' single and album seems as baffling as it was improbable. Sinatra was 50 at the time and hadn’t had a No. 1 Billboard pop hit since the single 'Learnin’ the Blues' in 1955 and No. 1 album hit since 'Nice ’n’ Easy' in 1960." 

The album Strangers in the Nights marked a new era of Sinatra work that would continue his legacy decades to come. To celebrate this album's birthday, it's time to show off your knowledge of the title track. 

Can you finish the lyrics to this famous Frank Sinatra song, "Strangers in the Night?"
  1. Start from the top: Strangers in the night exchanging [???] / Wondering in the night/What were the chances we'd be sharing [???] / Before the night was through
  2. Keep it going: Something in your eyes was so [???] / Something in your smile was so [???] / Something in my [???] / Told me I must have you
  3. How about this next verse? Strangers in the night / Two [???] [???] we were strangers in the night / Up to the moment / When we said our first [???] / Little did we know
  4. And the next? Love was just a [???] away / A warm [???] [???] away, and
  5. Finish the song! Ever since that night we've been [???] / Lovers at first sight, in love [???] / It turned out so right / For [???] in the night

Can you finish the lyrics to this famous Frank Sinatra song?

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Joe 26 months ago
🎶 Strangers In The Night… Exchanging Saliva 🎶
Jacqueline05478 29 months ago
I guess I was listening when Mom had the radio on when I was playing in the other room.
daDoctah 30 months ago
Peter Schickele pointed out that this song contains the most no-frills key change in all of popular music. Just before the last verse, Frank and all the backing musicians do a fermata ("hold"), pausing for a brief moment, and then start back up half a step higher for the final verse. No transition, no link, just "let's stop and then start up in another key".
VenturaCapitalist daDoctah 29 months ago
Right, they don't go to 6 in the original key which is the dominant seventh of the new key.
Edward 30 months ago
How can you miss ? This thing did get WAY too much air time on the AM radio channels, back in the day.
tclark55 30 months ago
5/5. People who only know Sinatra from this song, "My Way", "New York, New York" and such really need to explore his catalog. Although popular, they are far from his best. As someone wrote below, Sinatra did not care for "Strangers in the Night" or "My Way".
VenturaCapitalist tclark55 29 months ago
Very long history, going back to Harry James in the 30s.
The Sammy Cahn & Jimmy Van Heusen tunes were classics as were the Nelson Riddle arrangements.
RelicHominid007 30 months ago
5/5. This is a big deal for a hominid. I am going to go brag to my hominid friends right now. My hominid family will be very proud. 5/5. This is my PhD. Yay me.
Vamp13 30 months ago
5/5 guest his music was simple
daddio Vamp13 30 months ago
Ya, "guest" so!
ETristanBooth 30 months ago
5/5, but I don't really "know my Sinatra." I like the songs of the era, but I never cared for him personally. Actually, I think these answers can be guessed logically without knowing the song.
MrsPhilHarris 30 months ago
5/5 Apparently I know my Sinatra.
stephaniestavropoulos 30 months ago
1966 was a pivotal year in music. It was the end of an era so to speak. The type of music FS was known for singing,{Big Band-esque style;} was on its way out. Making way for music from bands & singers like The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, Folk groups like The Byrds, Crosby Stills, Nash and {sometimes,} Young. The Doors, {I know, The Doors were not considered a Folk group.} and various psychedelic groups, took over the airwaves and the Top 40. Sinatra ended an era {of The Establishment Order} on a high note w/ the #1 Strangers In The NIght. I believe it was a {long?} while before a song of this style was on the Top 40 charts.
Good analysis, but there were a few years before rock and soul pushed classic pop off the radio, and there were a few hits to come. Sinatra had hits with "That's Life", "Something Stupid", and "My Way" in the next couple of years, and "New York, New York" came out in 1979. Of course, Peggy Lee had "Is That All There Is?" in the late sixties, and you mentioned Sammy Davis Jr. and "Candyman". Unfortunately, as time marches on people do not realize what a towering presence Sinatra was.
Oh, and Dean Martin had some Top 40 hits in the late 60s as well.
anthony 30 months ago
🎤"Dobie dobie do"🎤.5/5.💃💃💃💃💃
They say Frank Hated this song and wasn't to crazy about "My Way" either.But he said they were the two songs that paid for the pizza.😂😂😂
That's exactly what fellow Rat Packer Sammy Davis Jr. said about "Candy Man." He hated that song. He told the producers at the recording studio, that he was only going to go through it once, and that was it. So basically, what's heard on the licorice pizza, is one take and one take only. {I think they might have persuaded him to do a second take.} As much as Sammy hated the song, he always wanted to please his audience. So he would make sure to include it in his performances, because he knew how much the audience liked the song.
I love how you write. Very colourful. Very entertaining. You should do it for a living.
Thank you very much for your very kind words about my writing, I really appreciate them. The only time my brain is set on the "colorful" setting, is when I'm on the computer on websites.. METv is the only one that I'm a "regular." Occasionally, I will comment on other sites. {one being You Tube.} But doing it for a living, I don't think so. Thanks again for the kind words. But I have, {as you probably have read,} come across a few naysayers about my writing, and how they wish I would stop. That doesn't discourage me, I just prefer keeping my "colorful" commentary to websites.
Hi..Don`t worry about "naysayers". You just keep on writing as long as it makes you happy. As long as what you are writing is not cruel, you just keep on writing. Ignore the negative comments. Don`t ever let them bother you...just laugh, and keep writing. Write on!!
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