Is this the name of a vintage potato chip or did we make it up?

Open up a bag of these bad boys!


Whether you're a kid or an adult, nothing beats the salty crunch of a potato chip! We're sure that you've enjoyed a lot of potato chips over the years, but how well can you remember your favorite snacks? In this quiz, we'll give you the name of a potato chip, and you've got to tell us if it's the name of a vintage chip, or if we just made it up!

  1. Tate's Tayto's
  2. Aunt Susie's
  3. Chipster
  4. Crunchmeister
  5. George Washington's Potato Chips
  6. Granny Goose
  7. Wigby's
  8. Joey Chips
  9. Mrs. Bumby's
  10. Dip Chips

Is this the name of a vintage potato chip or did we make it up?

Your Result...

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JohninND 23 days ago
5/10. I never heard of most of them either.
IndianaRockz 23 days ago
6/10, all guesses, never heard of any of these.
I never buy chips anymore but growing up my folks bought Jays Potato Chips & I remember them coming in a box that had two bags of chips in it PLUS a pencil that said Jays all over it! Always loved Golden Flakes brand chips when travelling down south which is now affiliated with UTZ chips which taste just like them, to me. And I don't know what formula change has happened but the last few times I tried Pringles, yuck, totally different from when I was growing up.
retro6 25 days ago
5/10 more brands of chips out there than I heard of!
Hollie 25 days ago
i never heard of a single one weather they were real or not lol all guesses i got 2
GTStang08 26 days ago
Meh!...5/10...The quizzers must want us to become a bit salty on this one!
BenSobeleone 26 days ago
What goes with Ruffles Potato Chips? Dean's French Onion Dip!
.....don't forget a breath mint! 😀
"....don't forget a breath mint! 😀"

Good one.
RobertK 26 days ago
5 of 10. Not a clue on these. When the chips are down, don't count on me!🤔🙄😕
TheFanFromUNCLE 27 days ago
I still maintain you have THE best name on these boards.
Bookman1963 27 days ago
I'm not sure who makes up these quizzes, but how about making them brands more people have heard of? Granny Goose? Not in my neck of the woods!
My mother used to laugh herself into hysterics at the Granny Goose commercials. This tough cowboy type (of the white-hat variety) would come into the saloon, some nasty looking hombre would say "what's your name, stranger?", the guy in the white hat would say "you may not believe this, but my name is...Granny Goose". Then he'd rip the top off of the bag of chips with his teeth.
JHP 27 days ago
3/10 - so much regional unfamiliarity

for me in these neck of the woods - geisers (now defucnt) - jays - lays - crunchers and then some mutts and private labels
Wendy57 27 days ago
Have never heard of most of these. Must be regional brands.
MikefromJersey Wendy57 24 days ago
"You got 6 out of 10. Better make like a chip and dip!"

I agree with you, regional brands.
Wendy57 MikefromJersey 22 days ago
😊 Thanks for the response. We started out in CA, but have moved 7 times.
Spent 2 yrs in Lebanon, NJ. A beautiful area.
New Jersey gets an undeserved bad rep.
MikefromJersey Wendy57 22 days ago
Shhh, we are keeping it a secret,lest even more people move here.
I started out in CF as well, Sonoma, but left when I was two.
Wendy57 MikefromJersey 21 days ago
Always wished to be able to afford the wine country, especially Sonoma.
We’ve lived in Nor CA, So CA, NJ, WY, GA, FL, TX, and now NM. There is something good everywhere. 😉
cperrynaples 27 days ago
Comment to the quizzers: Tostitos ISN'T a potato chip. it's a F'ing corn chip!
CrumblyCrunchies 28 days ago
Yeah. I remember all of those...I mean-none. Someone the made up ones might have sold better.
WVsassy 28 days ago
Never heard of any of these chips. I’ll stay with my Snyders.
ncadams27 WVsassy 27 days ago
Snyder’s of Hanover or Snyder of Berlin? The first one tells you they are not related to the second one. The first one is now Snyder’s-Lance and the second one is part of Utz (also from Hanover).
WVsassy ncadams27 24 days ago
Snyders of Berlin. The only chips I’ll eat 😊
Ready2go 28 days ago
2/10. I'll stick with my Wavy Lays

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